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Ju­lian pleaded with Maya and Rick to find some­one other than Ni­cole to be their sur­ro­gate. Ni­cole be­gan to have doubts about her prom­ise to Maya. Ju­lian tried to re­cruit Eric and Brooke to op­pose Ni­cole’s sur­ro­gacy. An in­ter­loper in­ter­rupted Ni­cole and Maya’s pri­vate mo­ment. Brooke and Eric dis­cussed the choices that brought them to where they are in the present. Ni­cole’s re­solve was shaken by the words of some­one she re­spects and she came to a fi­nal de­ci­sion. Katie no­ticed Bill’s new at­ti­tude to­ward work ver­sus per­sonal life. Ridge was con­cerned that the me­dia would fo­cus more on Car­o­line’s preg­nancy than their cur­rent de­signs. Wy­att felt Thomas’ out­burst at a For­rester Cre­ations staff meet­ing was caused by some­thing more per­sonal than pro­fes­sional. Liam and Wy­att bonded over their ri­valry with Thomas. St­effy con­fronted Thomas over his in­ten­tions.

Ro­mance, mys­tery and dan­ger were the or­der of the night at the town’s bi­cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tion. Abi­gail was stunned to find in­crim­i­nat­ing ev­i­dence on Ben. Car­o­line tried to get Vic­tor to be­lieve that Bo’s life was in dan­ger. Bo fi­nally con­tacted Car­o­line. Abi­gail found her­self in a dire sit­u­a­tion with Ben. Bo and Car­o­line tried to in­ter­fere with Hope’s wed­ding to Ai­den. Adri­enne was shaken to see Eve and Justin in a pas­sion­ate kiss. Abi­gail strug­gled to get away from an un­hinged Ben. A con­flicted Ai­den made a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion on his wed­ding night. Kayla was stunned when some­one she loves was rushed to the hospi­tal. Abe con­fronted Lani about why she came to Salem. Hope fought for her life. Steve re­ceived a dis­turb­ing note. Sami had star­tling news. Theresa and Brady’s re­la­tion­ship took a pre­dictable turn.

Lulu made a life-chang­ing dis­cov­ery. Mor­gan bed­ded a new fe­male friend. Jake ques­tioned Hay­den’s in­ter­est in at­tend­ing his wed­ding. Carly tried to con­firm an im­por­tant dis­cov­ery. Jake felt a strong sense of deja vu with Liz. Carly had a mind­blow­ing dis­cov­ery and a dan­ger­ous en­counter. Kiki acted out af­ter learn­ing of Mor­gan’s tryst. Lulu let loose on Dante. Pa­trick and Sam shared fam­ily time. Mor­gan tried to be a good friend to Kiki af­ter her rau­cous night out. Laura had con­cerns about Liz and Jake’s wed­ding. Niko­las re­minded Laura of their se­cret. Ric helped Sonny with his cus­tody case. Scott ad­vised Ava, who feared she would lose Avery. As Liz and Jake’s wed­ding be­gan, Hay­den ap­proached Liz. Jake looked for Carly. Anna met her new doc­tor. Paul ad­vised Ava on deal­ing with Sonny.

Devon asked Paul if he should con­clude that Hi­lary is dead. Lily told Cane he is too un­pre­dictable and shouldn’t be around Char­lie and Mad­die. Vic­tor re­opened the Top of the Tower restau­rant in time for Nikki and Phyl­lis’ Hal­loween fundraiser for the Delia Project. Nikki asked Kevin and Mariah to chap­er­one the chil­dren’s pa­rade. Faith got scared when she saw some­one dressed as the devil. Lau­ren was up­set that Michael was work­ing and late for the gala. Phyl­lis locked horns with Chelsea. Luca was an­gry when sparks flew be­tween Noah and Marisa. Chelsea wor­ried about her fu­ture with Adam. Vic­tor ques­tioned Abby about her re­la­tion­ship with Stitch. Kevin re­ceived a cryp­tic mes­sage on his com­puter.

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