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THE BOLD AND THE BEAU­TI­FUL Liam was curious about St­effy’s sud­den in­ter­est in Wy­att and Ivy’s re­la­tion­ship. Carter sensed Thomas had a ro­man­tic in­ter­est when he dis­missed the flir­ta­tions of other women. Ivy put Thomas in his place re­gard­ing her com­mit­ment to Wy­att. Bill and Katie rev­eled in their do­mes­tic bliss. St­effy told Liam about Thomas and Ivy, and he strongly ad­vised her against telling Wy­att. St­effy con­fronted Ivy about her fling with Thomas. Wy­att warned Thomas to stay away from Ivy. Ivy sought re­lief from her guilt. Ivy was em­bar­rassed when Liam ad­mit­ted he knew about her fling. Quinn con­fronted Thomas about his at­trac­tion to Ivy and sur­prised him with a con­fes­sion of her own. Wy­att thought St­effy was mis­taken when she ac­cused Ivy of be­ing un­faith­ful. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Rafe and Chad got a lead on Abi­gail’s lo­ca­tion. Vengeance-minded Hope got an im­por­tant tip from Steve. Steve and Kayla’s stalker was re­vealed. Belle came clean to John and Mar­lena about the events in Maine. Kayla and Steve got ro­man­tic while trapped in a sup­ply closet. Vic­tor forced Brady to choose be­tween Ti­tan and Theresa. Daniel wasn’t amused by Flynn’s flir­ta­tions with Ni­cole. New job op­por­tu­ni­ties beck­oned Gabi and Paul. Hope grilled Clau­dia about Bo’s kid­nap­ping. Shawn said good­bye to heart­bro­ken Belle. Abi­gail des­per­ately tried to get through to an un­rav­el­ing Ben. Lani and JJ went to search for Abi­gail. Hope fi­nally tracked down Dr. Mal­colm. Belle was sucked into Sami’s mess. Ben sealed Abi­gail and Chad’s fate. Rafe stopped Hope from making a big mis­take. Caro­line had a dis­turb­ing vi­sion re­gard­ing Vic­tor. Brady gave up ev­ery­thing for Theresa. GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL Sam took the low road in get­ting dirt on Liz. Ja­son and Pa­trick had an in­tense in­ter­ac­tion re­gard­ing the women in their lives. Hay­den en­listed an in­sider to prove her sus­pi­cion. Ava un­cov­ered a sur­pris­ing truth about Paul. Lulu and Dante reached a cross­roads. Sam de­manded an­swers from Laura. Niko­las had news for Alexis. Maxie helped make over Nina. Franco threat­ened Julio, then re­ceived a warn­ing about Ja­son. Pa­trick con­fronted Sam about her unresolved feel­ings. Ja­son dis­pelled Liz’s fears. Hay­den’s sur­pris­ing rev­e­la­tion af­fected Niko­las. Tracy had new hopes for ELQ. Carly and Michael got ad­vice on how to pro­ceed with Mor­gan. Nina had big plans for Crim­son. Dil­lon’s an­nounce­ment caught Maxie off guard. Sab­rina sought Felix’s help in cov­er­ing up her lie. Car­los acted ac­cord­ingly af­ter over­hear­ing some­thing he shouldn’t have. Ava got nosy. An­dre gave Anna an ul­ti­ma­tum. Maxie urged Lulu to think big. Liz re­ceived a dis­tress­ing call from Niko­las. Mac aided Anna in her time of need. A fa­mil­iar face un­nerved Jor­dan. THE YOUNG AND THE REST­LESS Lily re­jected Joe’s ad­vances. Nick ad­vised Abby to fo­cus on wed­ding prepa­ra­tions and not get caught up in the New­man/Ab­bott feud. Cane told Paul and Christine about pos­si­ble ev­i­dence that proves he wasn’t try­ing to ex­tort money from Devon. Chelsea asked Adam if he was help­ing Vic­tor in his quest to de­stroy Jabot. Vic­to­ria con­fronted Billy about bad­mouthing Vic­tor. Marisa feared she would never find her daugh­ter. Vic­to­ria asked Nikki how she was able to sur­vive her volatile re­la­tion­ship with Vic­tor. Strug­gling with the loss of Chris­tian, Sage lashed out at Faith and Mariah. Nick was heart­bro­ken that he was not able to help his wife.

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