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St­effy and Ivy’s un­for­tu­nate in­ter­ac­tion fired up the ru­mor mill at For­rester. Wy­att vented to Liam about Ivy. Wy­att and Thomas tried to set aside their mu­tual dis­dain while await­ing word of Ivy’s prog­no­sis. Zende tried to be sup­port­ive as Ni­cole’s preg­nancy be­gan to af­fect their re­la­tion­ship. St­effy re­al­ized Liam didn’t com­pletely be­lieve her when she told him she meant Ivy no harm, and she begged him to not end their en­gage­ment. Wy­att put Thomas in his place when he in­ter­rupted a pri­vate mo­ment be­tween him and Ivy. Maya wit­nessed the ef­fect preg­nancy was hav­ing on Ni­cole and Zende’s re­la­tion­ship. Wy­att pres­sured Thomas to come clean about St­effy’s role in Ivy’s accident. St­effy con­fessed to Ridge and Caro­line what really hap­pened be­tween her and Ivy. Ridge scolded Thomas for get­ting in­volved with Ivy. Wy­att re­al­ized Ivy’s con­cerns were real when St­effy ar­rived to apol­o­gize. Ivy wasn’t in a for­giv­ing mood.

Abi­gail and Chad tried to es­cape the burn­ing cabin. JJ and Lani lo­cated Ben. Hope had a sur­pris­ing an­nounce­ment for Ro­man. Theo got a cruel, anony­mous text. Abi­gail pleaded with Ben to tell her what he did with her baby. Hope de­manded an­swers from Dr. Mal­colm and struck a deal. Eduardo and Kate got to know each other. A per­son from Steve’s past turned up in Salem with a se­cret. John ques­tioned Eduardo about Win­terthorne Acad­emy. An­dre tar­geted Belle to get to Sami. Steve and Kayla made love. Joey was in over his head but didn’t know it. Philip had big plans for Ti­tan. Brady con­fided his con­cerns about Philip to Theresa. Hope’s ar­range­ment with Mal­colm took an un­ex­pected turn. Rafe was sus­pi­cious of Hope’s be­hav­ior. Chad com­forted Abi­gail as she tried to put her life back to­gether.

Sam de­manded Liz to tell Ja­son the truth. While Anna and Mac acted on her sus­pi­cions about Paul, Paul acted on his sus­pi­cions about her. Sonny’s re­cov­ery dragged. Ju­lian re­minded Ava not to un­der­es­ti­mate Sonny. Ja­son de­fended Liz, only to learn later the depth of her de­ceit. Pa­trick as­sured Emma of their fu­ture with Sam. Johnny turned to Lulu for help and she turned to him for re­venge. Va­lerie asked Dante his in­ten­tions. Hay­den and Niko­las called a truce. Liz buckled un­der pres­sure. Pa­trick called the shots. Lulu made a deal with Johnny. Dil­lon an­nounced sur­pris­ing plans. Michael covertly tried to find out more about Sab­rina’s preg­nancy. Liz made a con­fes­sion. Pa­trick tried to mend a bro­ken heart. Robin was on bor­rowed time. Olivia lost it. Dil­lon was wrong about Johnny. Sonny had ad­vice for Ja­son. Liz and Niko­las braced for fallout. Mor­gan got reck­less with his meds.

Ash­ley urged Adam to tell her what Vic­tor has over him. Marisa tried to se­duce Luca to get more in­for­ma­tion about their daugh­ter. Noah asked Kevin’s help in find­ing dirt on Luca. Nick pleaded with Sage to not push him away. Adam told Chelsea that work­ing with Vic­tor al­lows him to pro­tect Jack. Sharon told Dr. An­der­son of her wor­ries about los­ing the baby. Paul was happy that Dy­lan was con­tent as a fam­ily man. Dy­lan asked Paul’s help in get­ting an early Christ­mas present for Sharon. Lily hoped to mend fences with Cane but his tirade brought her to tears. Ash­ley tried to make a deal with Vic­tor to end the Jabot/New­man feud.

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