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Ev­ery­one toasted Wy­att and St­effy at their wed­ding, but Brooke wanted to make sure Katie didn’t. Liam had a flash­back of an in­ti­mate na­ture about the mys­tery woman, which made him more dis­trust­ful of Quinn. Brooke was dis­ap­pointed to catch Katie about to take a drink. Bill re­cruited Justin to help search for Liam. Wy­att in­ter­rupted his hon­ey­moon to visit Quinn on the eve of her trip. Quinn be­gan to un­spool when she found Liam hold­ing the sword neck­lace she took from him while he was un­con­scious. St­effy thought back to her time with Liam and won­dered where he could be. Bill feared the worst when Justin could not turn up any sign of Liam. Liam willed him­self to re­mem­ber his past, in­clud­ing his time with St­effy. Bill and St­effy shared their the­o­ries on Liam’s where­abouts. Given Liam’s re­cov­ery of his mem­ory, Quinn feared a visit by the police.

Caro­line had a new vision of Vic­tor. Deimos gazed at a photo of a woman from his past who looks like Ni­cole. Caro­line and Ni­cole rushed to Vic­tor’s bed­side. Sum­mer feared Mag­gie might be par­a­lyzed. Kayla sug­gested to Steve they go on the run to avoid his trial. Kayla met Jade for the first time and learned Joey told her ev­ery­thing about Ava. Chase broke into Jen­nifer’s house. Ciara con­fronted Chase be­fore he was taken away. Charges were dropped against Steve. Kayla called off the en­gage­ment. Abi­gail fi­nally came face to face with Ben. Steve brooded over los­ing the love of his life. Kayla con­fided in Ro­man about Steve. Ciara and Theo kissed. Abi­gail planned revenge on Ben. Lu­cas took care of a drugged Jen­nifer. Ni­cole made a shock­ing dis­cov­ery about Deimos’ past.

Sam and Ja­son pur­sued a new the­ory. Hay­den in­formed Niko­las that she knows what he did. Cur­tis made Hay­den an in­ter­est­ing of­fer. Nathan made a par­tial con­fes­sion to Maxie. Ju­lian made a deal with Nina that she couldn’t refuse. Tracy took a turn for the worse and re­quired surgery. Ja­son and Sam came to a con­clu­sion about Hay­den and Niko­las. Anna pulled a fast one on Paul. Sam thwarted po­ten­tial dis­as­ter. Carly re­minded Sonny of the con­se­quences of go­ing af­ter Car­los. Ava came home to some­thing hor­ri­fy­ing. On be­half of her daugh­ter, Alex took mat­ters into her own hands. Carly sought Ja­son’s help. Ju­lian as­serted con­trol. Alexis sur­prised Kristina. Sonny re­as­sured Michael that he had ev­ery­thing cov­ered. Sam and Carly locked horns over Ja­son. A sin­gle phone call de­ter­mined Nina’s fate.

Jack in­formed Phyl­lis he didn’t like the idea of launch­ing Pass Key in the form of a “late-night vic­tory dance.” Vic­to­ria’s ar­rival met with chaos at a press con­fer­ence an­nounc­ing Pass Key. Michael ad­vised Vic­to­ria to strike a deal with Billy ASAP. Sharon and Dy­lan had their sus­pi­cions of Dr. An­der­son. Nikki opened up to Paul about her re­la­tion­ship with Vic­tor. Devon told Hi­lary he asked Neil to block her from join­ing the board of the foun­da­tion. Abby ques­tioned Ash­ley as to why she was stay­ing away from Stitch. Vic­to­ria wel­comed Nick back to Newman.

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