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Karma came back to bite Quinn. Bill was in­fu­ri­ated when Wy­att in­formed him of the video footage of Liam and Quinn that he had sup­pressed. Lovers re­united on a Mal­ibu beach. Maya and Rick tried to cheer up Ni­cole. Sasha was heart­bro­ken when Julius put Ni­cole’s hap­pi­ness ahead of hers. Wy­att sup­ported Bill’s de­ci­sion to call the po­lice on Quinn. Liam de­tailed his time with Quinn to St­effy. Zende made a sur­pris­ing con­fes­sion to Maya about Ni­cole. St­effy was ap­palled when Wy­att came clean about the in­for­ma­tion he with­held from her re­gard­ing Liam and Quinn. Ridge and Caro­line had another run-in with Dr. Wolin. Katie turned down a cock­tail in front of Bill but Bill later found her stash of al­co­hol. Katie threat­ened Dr. Wolin when he told her about his sus­pi­cion that Ridge is not Dou­glas’ fa­ther.

Abi­gail’s sta­bil­ity came into ques­tion. Kayla learned Fynn has a sub­du­ral hematoma. Steve and Kayla rem­i­nisced. Ben was hos­pi­tal­ized with burns. Chad cov­ered Abi­gail’s role in Ben’s in­juries. John com­forted Mar­lena in the wake of Eric’s sen­tenc­ing. Jen­nifer and Eric made love. Rafe sup­ported a dis­il­lu­sioned Ro­man. Hope con­fided in Caro­line that she killed Ste­fano. Ni­cole ques­tioned Deimos. Ro­man, Rafe, Hope and Caro­line sus­pected Deimos in Mag­gie’s ac­ci­dent and Bo’s tor­ture. Rafe kissed Hope and de­clared his love. Sum­mer in­ter­rupted Theresa and Brady’s night out. Abi­gail had flash­backs. Eric said good­bye af­ter be­ing sen­tenced. Philip tried to make up to Vic­tor. Vic­tor had flash­backs of He­lena’s death. Brady and Theresa fought over Sum­mer.

Anna con­fessed to Sonny. Hay­den tried to force Nikolas’ hand. Ja­son and Sam de­vised a way to beat Nikolas. Tracy was in for a rude awak­en­ing. Maxie had a hard time let­ting go of what Nathan told her. Sonny and Hay­den re­versed course. Paul told Jor­dan half-truths about Anna. Shots rang out. Lulu and Dante were drawn closer. Sonny and Anna were con­fronted about their hypocrisy. Jor­dan thought there was more to Paul’s story than he was let­ting on. Mor­gan’s re­sponse sur­prised Carly and Sonny. Paul had news for Ju­lian. Ja­son’s news thrilled the Quar­ter­maines. Monica tried to con­vince Finn to stay on at the hos­pi­tal. Carly found Finn in dire straits. Laura had a sur­prise en­counter. Anna was will­ing to be pun­ished for her ac­tions. Carly and Finn came to a new un­der­stand­ing. Nina ad­vised Nathan to sweep Maxie off her feet. Art ther­apy helped Franco and Kiki work through their prob­lems.

Phyl­lis told Michael she feels ter­ri­ble for what hap­pened in court and wanted to make it up to him. Stitch told Ash­ley he thinks Si­mon is in love with her. Abby played the match­maker and sent Ash­ley flow­ers from Si­mon. A tipsy Nikki em­bar­rassed Sage and Chelsea in the GCAC din­ing room. Vic­tor and Nikki flashed back to hap­pier times. Victoria and Phyl­lis ex­changed un­pleas­antries re­gard­ing Billy. Abby was con­vinced Max’s mis­be­hav­ior is pay­back for her own child­hood tra­vails. Hi­lary tried to con­vince Jack to give her a seat on the foun­da­tion board next to Ash­ley. Devon con­fronted Hi­lary about her ag­gres­sive be­hav­ior and they made love.

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