Dandy Dandy-lions

The Compass - - EDITORIAL - FROM PAGE A5 Harold Wal­ters lives Hap­pily Ever Af­ter in Dunville, in the only Cana­dian prov­ince with its own time zone. How cool is that? Reach him at gh­wal­ters663@gmail.com.

From within the light a voice spake — yes, spake, this is a King James Ver­sion bib­li­cal al­lu­sion — say­ing, “Saul b’y, why are you being such a hard ticket?”

Need­less to say, Saul’s close en­counter with the vo­cal­iz­ing light fright­ened the whoop­sie out of him so much that af­ter­wards he changed his name to Paul and be­haved right saintly.”

Well, af­ter the afore­men­tioned hard win­ter I didn’t change my name but I did change my at­ti­tude to­wards dan­de­lions. I saw the light, so to speak. I shall ex­plain. One day in early May, feel­ing down-hearted, dis­heart­ened, and gen­er­ally dis­tressed — and no doubt driv­ing Dear­est Duck to dis­trac­tion — I went out­doors seek­ing a sun­beam. Lo and be­hold. Tucked tightly against the base­ment wall, in full bloom at the foot of a sun­beam, as golden as the bucket of loonies at the end of a rain­bow, was the Spring’s first dan­de­lion.

I fell to my knees like a sinner at an al­tar. P’raps I shed a tear. I know I cast off win­ter’s op­pres­sive cloak. I know my heart swoll up like a bal­loon filled with light.

Still on my knees, my nose pressed to the dan­de­lion’s yel­low top­knot like a nec­tar-suck­ing bum­ble­bee, I of­fered up this paean: “Thank you, Cre­ator of the Uni­verse, for this glo­ri­ous golden plant.”

I don’t re­call with cer­tainty but also I may have em­braced and kissed the in­domitable lit­tle shag­ger. “Harry!” B’ys, let the dan­de­lions bide. Bizzy-bees will sing your praises. Thank you for read­ing. PS — or what­ever — that same spring I scrib­ble some im­per­fect verse in praise of dan­de­lions. It isn’t Billy Wordsworth, but it’s verse nonethe­less. P’raps in the cor­ner of a back page Mr. Edi­tor will in­clude the verse. Or not. Mr. Edi­tor is the boss.

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