Maybe base­ball jus­tice isn’t the best jus­tice

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There’s this clip float­ing around the In­ter­net lately. It’s from a mid­dle school base­ball game in Washington not too long ago.

Well, it could’ve been from any base­ball game played in North Amer­ica. Any­way, this kid launches a mam­moth home­run.

In true Jose Bautista fash­ion, he un­corks an in­cred­i­ble bat flip and does the Run­ning Man halfway down the first base­line till he en­ters trot.

My first thought af­ter see­ing the clip was that kid prob­a­bly got a base­ball in the ribs dur­ing his next at-bat.

It was a joke, but that prob­a­bly did hap­pen.

I al­ways say base­ball jus­tice is the best jus­tice.

Most times it’s a joke. You know, like a “Haha, this is awe­some” kind of deal. Other times, I was se­ri­ous in say­ing that it re­ally is the best jus­tice.

There was just some­thing about see­ing a player get his come­up­pance through a 95 miles per hour fast­ball di­rected at their ribs.

It was that “un­writ­ten rules of base­ball” men­tal­ity. Re­flect­ing on it, I’m not sure it’s the right way to go about things.

Base­ball play­ers — while we look up to them as su­per­hu­man — are just reg­u­lar guys mak­ing a liv­ing. A larger than life liv­ing for the most part, but they’re mak­ing a liv­ing nev­er­the­less.

When a base­ball is thrown at them, that can put their jobs in jeop­ardy.

Now, Blue Jays third base­man Josh Don­ald­son said a lot of this re­cently and I tend to agree with him.

It’s bush league to throw for the sake of it at a guy and the pitcher should be pun­ished for it. That means an ejec­tion and not a warn­ing.

The old men­tal­ity of an eye­for-an-eye, es­pe­cially when the guy hold­ing the ball can throw the darn thing hard as hell, is some­thing we have to se­ri­ously look at elim­i­nat­ing or at least curb­ing.

There has to be reper­cus­sions for in­cit­ing a bench brawl.

In youth base­ball, you’re mess­ing with a kid’s health. Is that re­ally the right mes­sage to send to im­pres­sion­able play­ers?

When used cor­rectly, a base­ball is just as much a weapon as a hockey stick. We don’t send hockey play­ers out to wrap their sticks around the necks of op­po­nents. There’s no dif­fer­ence here Emo­tions play into it too. A player con­trols his own ac­tions, but coaches should at least try and curb the be­hav­iour a lit­tle bit.

Who wins should al­ways be the goal. Try­ing to hurt a player while you’re los­ing makes you look like a joke.

No one cares if you win the battle, only if you lose the war.

Speak­ing of Bautista: How stupid does the bat flip look if his team loses the game?

If that hap­pens, it be­comes just a foot­note in the game story and not the cen­tral part. Don’t get me wrong, it was awe­some when he did it. We all went wild. The melee that hap­pened a few weeks back was a di­rect re­sult of the flip

Shouldn’t the score­board mat­ter a lit­tle bit more than pos­si­bly break­ing some­one’s ribs?

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