A year of joy and big dreams

Tarot, Earth cards reader gives a month-by-month run­down of 2017


Katlin Doyle closes her eyes and shuf­fles the deck of cards. She knocks on them three times, takes a deep breath and be­gins.

“On this day we ask you, Earth Magic cards, to pro­vide a bit of in­sight to the up­com­ing year with a month-by-month re­flec­tion of what may or may not hap­pen.”

She starts pulling cards from the deck, plac­ing them in four rows of three, sym­bol­iz­ing the sea­sons.

“It’s go­ing to be ex­cit­ing, joy­ful, faith­ful and a year of dream­ing big. It’s ba­si­cally say­ing that what­ever you want to ac­com­plish, you can but you have to start dream­ing about it.

“Also that any­thing hold­ing you back is go­ing to be re­leased. Who you thought you were is go­ing to shift so you can dream big­ger and be­yond what is pos­si­ble. It’s all out there.”

Doyle, a 23-year-old from Ver­non River, P.E.I. started read­ing tarot and or­a­cle cards three years ago.

“Usu­ally a read­ing is about an is­sue or cir­cum­stance, where some­one asks the cards a ques­tion and we go from them. But with this read­ing, I’m pulling one card for each month.”


JAN­UARY: Ocean, flow

“Oh this is beau­ti­ful. The ocean card speaks of re­leas­ing things, try­ing to be­come unat­tached.

“It wants us to sur­ren­der to what­ever is go­ing on in life. As well as be gen­tle to our­selves in the New Year and know that not ev­ery­thing will hap­pen at once. I think there is go­ing to be a bit of a slow start to the year.” ebb and

FE­BRU­ARY: Ea­gle, com­mu­nion “This is a re­ally pow­er­ful card. It is the an­i­mal and spirit with the most in­flu­ence. It’s telling me that we need to re­ally draw onto our in­tu­itions, to look at the whole vi­sion. After Jan­uary’s slow start, we’re re­ally go­ing to be able to move into clar­ity in Fe­bru­ary.” MARCH: DNA, karma “This card means karma, but not nec­es­sar­ily the karma that peo­ple gen­er­ally think of. In­stead, this card speaks of how we con­nect to our­selves through our DNA and our lin­eage.

“This is when we’re re­ally go­ing to start to un­der­stand our­selves and start chang­ing things in our life.” APRIL: Wa­ter­fall, ef­fort­less The cards seem to show a lot of in­ner re­flec­tion, said Doyle.

“The wa­ter­fall, ef­fort­less. This is the move­ment of life and how we can make it ef­fort­less. The more we re­sist things that are go­ing on and try to as­sert con­trol, the harder things will be­come. It wants us to go with the flow.” MAY: Rain, pu­rifi­ca­tion. “That makes sense. This would be the per­fect time of year to per­form a cleanse, in all forms. It could be a time where you fo­cus on your health or a time where you be­gin to let things in your life go that aren’t do­ing you service.” JUNE: Stone Peo­ple, vig­i­lance “This is telling me that no mat­ter what is go­ing on in life, you need to re­main grounded and strong, trust­ing that this too shall pass.

“It also says we should fol­low our gut feel­ings and pay at­ten­tion to im­por­tant op­por­tu­ni­ties that may ap­pear.” JULY: Full moon, com­ple­tion “July is go­ing to be a joy­ful time. It’s full of light and this full moon card shows com­ple­tion. Where we start anew to get to a cer­tain part of our­selves or path and then regress so we can re­flect on it.” AU­GUST: Cave, sanc­tu­ary “Au­gust is go­ing to be a time where we start re­flect­ing on our­selves. It could mean carv­ing out a night for your­self or go­ing out in na­ture. We might feel a lit­tle burned out, but we’ll be able to re­cover in Au­gust.”

SEPTEM­BER: Spring Equinox, rebirth

“That’s in­ter­est­ing be­cause that’s ac­tu­ally go­ing to mean the fall equinox given the time of year. It’s go­ing to sym­bol­ize rebirth.

“We’re re­ally go­ing to see changes in our­selves com­ing out and we’re go­ing to em­body what we want to be­come.”

OC­TO­BER: Dreamtime, cre­ation

“This is re­ally beau­ti­ful. It speaks of a time where we’ve gone through an in­ner jour­ney and know we’re go­ing to share what we’ve cre­ated or learned over the year so far.

“It wants us to live in a place that al­lows cre­ativ­ity in what­ever forms you ex­press your­self in.”

NOVEM­BER: Desert, quest

Novem­ber is the dark month, said Doyle.

“It’s a vi­sion quest. The desert card, where we go out and seek a vi­sion for our life. This is a time where we re­ally need to take care of our­selves, es­pe­cially in the dark month.

“Novem­ber is go­ing to pre­pare you for ev­ery­thing that will come in 2018, so we re­ally need lis­ten to our in­ner voices and re­flect on what the year have brought you.” vi­sion DE­CEM­BER: Fire, pas­sion “It’s the fire card. It means pas­sion, so it wants us to cre­ate our pas­sions and live in our deep­est dreams and de­sires. It wants us to ex­press our true selves.

“De­cem­ber is go­ing to be the month where we will trust our­selves and de­ter­mine who we want to be in the world.”

Sum­ming up, she said 2017 is go­ing to be a year of re­flec­tion and mov­ing for­ward.


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