Re­li­gion in school would com­bat evils of tech­nol­ogy

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We took God out of our schools, and look what has crept in, with sly, cun­ning de­struc­tive ways.

I’ve just heard the new on the state of some chil­dren’s habits in sev­eral of our schools, as young as nine and 11 years of age. Sex­ting!

What is hap­pen­ing? Our won­der­ful chil­dren un­der at­tack from tech­nol­ogy, so­cial me­dia and peer pres­sure.

What was so wrong with our chil­dren learn­ing the Lord’s prayer, the ten com­mand­ments, and be­liev­ing in the sta­bil­ity of prayer?

Think back, us older adults, when this was taught in our schools. We might have had the oc­ca­sional bully, but we han­dled that in our own way. Other­wise we were guided in what our New­found­land Coat of Arms says — Matthew 6:33 — to “eek ye first the king­dom of God.”

Would you trade the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem of to­day for the one we had back in the day, know­ing the sys­tem back then had more dis­ci­pline? The teach­ers had a lot more author­ity to gov­ern our chil­dren as they saw fit.

We trusted the sys­tem to be up front and fair with how they dealt with our chil­dren, and most of the time that trust was hon­oured in the schools.

What have our teach­ers and chil­dren in the sys­tem to­day to help them deal with this ter­ri­ble dark side of tech­nol­ogy? We have to make our chil­dren aware of the evil that also ex­ists in the world be­sides the good, and hav­ing a strong Chil­dren be­lief will help with this.

May God help us to help them all in this dilemma. Joy French-Cole­man writes from Har­bour Grace

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