Scu­d­run­ner aims have Gan­der brew­ery in pro­duc­tion by June

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Hold­ing a sam­ple glass in front of him, Sam New­man notes that to get the full fla­vor of the beer its best to smell it first, and upon tast­ing it hold the bev­er­age in your mouth for a sec­ond or two. Af­ter swal­low­ing ex­cel through your mouth.

“It might make me seem like a beer snob,” he said with a laugh, while demon­strat­ing, “but in do­ing this you get the en­tire fla­vor.

“You can taste the beer in the front of your mouth, the back, on your tongue and even feel it on your cheeks.”

The brew, a fil­tered Bel­gian dou­ble of mod­er­ate am­ber colour, comes with a al­co­hol con­tent of 5.7 to 5.8 per cent, which could be brewed stronger if need be.

It’s a mid-range beer, be­tween the light to dark that New­man and his friend and busi­ness part­ner Dave Jer­rett have been de­vel­op­ing.

The way the two carry the con­ver­sa­tion sur­round­ing beer and brew­ing tech­niques, it’s easy to tell they have a pas­sion for the craft, and as a re­sult Gan­der will soon have a brew­ery and a beer to call its own.

Four years ago the Gan­der avi­a­tors started de­vel­op­ing Scu­d­run­ner craft beer.

And much like a Scud run­ning — the art of skil­fully nav­i­gat­ing an air­craft around many small clouds – they used their knowl­edge, skill and the tools at hand to de­velop their line of beer, play­ing around with dif­fer­ent styles and fla­vors.

And in of­fer­ing their prod­uct at dif­fer­ent func­tions they quickly found out that their prod­uct had multi-range ap­peal.

“We’ve done broad spec­trum events from 12 peo­ple sit­ting around the ta­ble to fine din­ing with a lo­cal chef,” said New­man, a long-time brewer. “When peo­ple tried our beers they re­ally liked it, and notic­ing that there’s a pent up de­mand for craft beer, it was enough mo­ti­va­tion to move for­ward.”

So a year-and-a-half ago the Scu­d­run­ner founders started work­ing to­wards brew­ing con­sis­tent batches, fine tun­ing their brews and striv­ing for re­peata­bil­ity.

“Once we start mak­ing beer with a la­bel on it, ev­ery batch needs to be the same,” said New­man.

They’ve nar­rowed down a few sta­ples to be­gin with.

“We plan on hav­ing three year round beers to start with,” said New­man. “Then branch­ing out, pro­duc­ing a range from lighter bod­ied to heav­ier beer.”


There have been count­less hours of re­search and plan­ning put into the devel­op­ment of a brew­ery, from find­ing the best equip­ment to a suit­able lo­ca­tion.

Hav­ing faced is­sues with real es­tate, Scu­d­run­ner will be strik­ing out with its own build­ing and the two are hope­ful ground can be bro­ken by early spring.

If ev­ery­thing goes as planned they could be in pro­duc­tion by June.

The con­cept sur­round­ing the brew­ery will be to have an open de­sign tap room, in which pa­trons can ob­serve the brew­ing process.

When it comes to of­fer­ing a din­ing menu, Jer­rett said the idea of hav­ing a full restau­rant isn’t some­thing that’s be­ing ex­plored.

Scu­d­run­ner is look­ing to of­fer a small menu, how­ever, the main din­ing con­cept is al­low­ing pa­trons to bring in food from other restau­rants while en­joy­ing a fresh pint.

“We don’t want to take away from restau­rants al­ready in town,” said Jer­rett. “Beer’s our busi­ness, so we aren’t go­ing to be out to step on any­one else’s toes.”

It’s all a part of their sup­port lo­cal ini­tia­tive and mak­ing the brew­ery a com­mu­nity fo­cal point.

“Com­mu­nity in­volve­ment is big for us, we’ve trav­elled dif­fer­ent coun­tries, we’ve seen brew­ery’s are a fo­cal point in the com­mu­nity and we want the same,” said Jer­rett. “We want to sup­port lo­cal as much as pos­si­ble.”

This could be in the form of host­ing com­mu­nity events, lin­ing up lo­cal prod­uct for pro­duc­tion, even de­vel­op­ing com­mu­nity event based brews.

It was also noted that var­i­ous tourism groups have al­ready been in con­tact with Scu­d­run­ner as a tourism des­ti­na­tion.

And as the con­ver­sa­tion be­tween New­man and Jer­rett con­tin­ued, new pos­si­bil­i­ties be­ing ex­plored as they chat­ted, mak­ing one thing cer­tain… the skies the limit for the Scu­d­run­ner crew.


Dave Jer­rett, left, and Sam New­man ready a batch of their lat­est craft beer. If ev­ery­thing goes as planned, Scu­d­run­ner Brew­ing hopes to have a Gan­der based brew­ery up and run­ning by June.

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