Former MHA had it all wrong reader claims

The Compass - - Editorial - Ge­orge War­ford writes from Bay Roberts

This is a re­sponse to the of let­ter to the ed­i­tor of April 04, 2017 by Glen Lit­tle­john, the former MHA for the District of Port De Grave, and cur­rent em­ployee of the PC Op­po­si­tion of­fice.

Mr. Lit­tle­john falsely states in the first para­graph that MHA Pam Par­sons wants to make peo­ple be­lieve that she is try­ing to take all the credit for fight­ing for a new school to re­place Co­ley’s Point Pri­mary. I don’t know how a per­son can lis­ten to, or read any of MHA Pam Par­sons comments on this sub­ject and draw this con­clu­sion, un­less they are using se­lec­tive lis­ten­ing or read­ing.

Par­sons has con­sis­tently ac­knowl­edged that the Co­ley’s Point Pri­mary School re­place­ment has long been a goal of many con­cerned peo­ple like former stu­dents, teach­ers, school coun­cils, mu­nic­i­pal lead­ers, and politi­cians.

Although there have been con­stant lob­by­ing over the years, there has been no real phys­i­cal work done on the re­place­ment of this school, no work­able de­sign draw­ings, that could be used to ad­vance it to the pub­lic ten­der­ing process to get con­struc­tion started.

Even though, the pre­vi­ous government pro­ceeded with the ex­pro­pri­a­tion of the land, they waited un­til late in their man­date and des­per­ately tried to fool the peo­ple of the area by erect­ing a sign show­ing an artist de­pic­tion of what the pro­posed school may look like. This, I be­lieve was to make it seem like more work had been done on the school than what was ob­vi­ous.

Mr. Lit­tle­john seems to get an­gry for not get­ting credit for the ad­vance­ment of this project that was an­nounced in the re­cent bud­get, where con­crete monies and time lines were out­lined for its re­place­ment. This is how a ma­jor project is sup­posed to be done.

If Mr. Lit­tle­john is look­ing for credit for his time in government, I will give him some, he can take credit for be­ing part of a government that gave us such things as the Hum­ber Val­ley Paving fi­asco, the over bud­get ferry re­place­ment with all the is­sues with that de­sign and ex­tra wharf mod­i­fi­ca­tion costs, the Dark NL cri­sis, the ap­proval of the great­est financial drain on the prov­ince in his­tory, the Muskrat Falls Project and its sub­se­quent give­away of the elec­tric­ity to Nova Sco­tia, and tens-ofmil­lions of dol­lars spent on a new Cor­ner Brook hospi­tal with noth­ing to show but a park­ing lot. He can also take credit for be­ing a part of a government that de­spite be­ing left with the great­est amount of ex­cess monies in the prov­ince’s his­tory, left us and our chil­dren fac­ing near bank­ruptcy.

Yes, Mr. Lit­tle­john, I will credit you with some­thing about the re­place­ment of Co­ley’s Point Pri­mary, I will give you credit for that lovely sign that you had erected dur­ing your cam­paign. It was a wel­come site to see af­ter serv­ing a term in of­fice and be­ing part of the squan­der­ing of tens-of-bil­lions of oil dol­lars. Un­for­tu­nately, that sign can­not house a sin­gle class­room for the over­crowded stu­dents of Co­ley’s Point Pri­mary.

Mr. Lit­tle­john should re­lax and take a breath and work with all the stake­hold­ers cur­rently in­volved to make sure that this project be­comes a re­al­ity as soon as pos­si­ble. MHA Pam Par­sons has no prob­lem with shar­ing the credit with whomever helps ad­vance this project, but at least be hon­est about it.

The next elec­tion will take place in 2019, and although it may be per­ceived that he is run­ning his cam­paign at the tax pay­ers ex­pense from the PC Op­po­si­tion of­fice, his record and that of the PC government, which he was part of, will be made fresh to every­body’s mind at that time.

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