“A tear in my eyes”

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Forty-one years ago in July A ter­ri­ble thing hap­pened in Korea

Where I was sta­tioned in the army

That brought tears to my eyes.

I was pa­trolling a com­pound When I heard a loud noise A shell had ex­ploded Wound­ing a lit­tle Korean boy.

I ran to help him

He had lost 2 legs and one eye he was bleed­ing so badly I thought he would die.

I picked him up gen­tly He was bleed­ing a lot I turned away my head And wiped a tear drop.

I spoke to him in English But he didn’t un­der­stand I couldn’t speak his lan­guage In that for­eign land.

While I stood there wait­ing For the am­bu­lance to ap­pear I put up my hand

And wiped away an­other tear

The me­dial team came To take him away

I’ll al­ways re­mem­ber That ter­ri­ble day.

When he got to the am­bu­lance He waved me good bye I looked at him once more And wiped a tear from my eye.

I tried to find out if he lived or died

No one could tell me

I had a tear in my eyes.

In that dirty old com­pound There were chil­dren, women and men

I could tell they were un­happy And wanted the war to end.

Around that com­pound There were rats and mice Liv­ing in there

It wasn’t very nice.

Cruel Men that cause wars And lit­tle chil­dren to die Doesn’t know how it feels To have tears in their eyes.

When I’m all alone And time passes by I still re­mem­ber That lit­tle Korean boy

Frank Slade Korean Vet­eran

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