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Hi, my name is Mya Mug­ford and this year I’m a proud big sis­ter! Natalie is only 9 months old so I’m go­ing to tell you what she would like for Christ­mas be­cause af­ter all isn’t that what big sis­ters are for? I think Natalie would love a doll and any­thing that makes mu­sic be­cause she loves to dance. I would like a Hatchi­mal, a Finger­ling and an Ever­est Stuffy from Paw Pa­trol. Both Natalie and my­self could use some new clothes, as you know we are grow­ing like weeds, and some sur­prises. Every kid loves sur­prises! Don’t for­get the less for­tu­nate kids around the world. P.S we will leave a snack by the tree.


Mya and Natalie Mug­ford Bon­nyville, AB

Age 6 yrs & 9 months

My name is Zoe Butt, I’m 4 years old, and from River­head, Har­bour Grace. I’d like to thank you for all the nice presents you brought me and my brother last year. For Christ­mas this year, I would like a cou­ple dolls with ex­tra dresses, Shim­mer & Shine slip­pers, and some new cos­tumes to play dres­sup. My brother Gabriel is 2 years old, and I think he would like some new toys and dinkies. Please don’t for­get all my friends at day­care. We will leave a snack out for you and your rein­deer.


Zoe and Gabriel

My name is Jack­son and I am 19 months old. I live in Ochre Pit Cove with my mom and my cat Milo. I have been a re­ally good boy this year. I love play­ing out­side and with my cat Milo. For Christ­mas this year I would like a Bark­ing Bea­gle and some Bar­ney DVD’s to watch with my mom. I will leave some cook­ies and milk for you and some car­rots for the rein­deer. Please be kind to all the lit­tle girls and boys around the world.

Love, Jack­son Love,

Quinn and Lexie Tay­lor

please don’t for­get all the other boys and girls in the world es­pe­cially my cousins and friends!

Lexie would like a JoJo bow like me and a new baby doll. We will leave a lunch for you and the rein­deer.

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