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VIC­TO­RIA, NL — A band from Vic­to­ria is hav­ing a big im­pact on home­sick Newfoundlanders.

Drift­wood Cross, a three-piece band based out of Vic­to­ria, has been to­gether for about five years, con­sist­ing of Larry Bald­win per­form­ing as lead vo­cal­ist and rhythm gui­tarist, Han­nah Lovoie con­tribut­ing backup vo­cals and Bob Tet­ford man­ning lead gui­tar.

The trio’s most re­cent sin­gle, “My New­found­land Home,” has widened its au­di­ence to peo­ple far out­side the prov­ince’s bor­ders.

Bald­win spoke with the Com­pass about the new song and the sig­nif­i­cant im­pact it’s had on the track’s tar­get au­di­ence – Newfoundlanders who have moved out of the prov­ince for work.

“I was talk­ing with some­one (who was) re­tir­ing, and was home for a hol­i­day, but was pre­par­ing to go back to Al­berta. To him, it seemed like Al­berta was home – and this is a per­son who had been in Al­berta for 25 or 30 years – but he found him­self miss­ing New­found­land, where he was born and raised,” said Bald­win.

“He told me it was like the ocean was call­ing him to come home, and it turned out his wife felt the same way, so af­ter they re­tired that was their plan. I said

to my­self, ‘well now, what a great song that would make,’ and I got to writ­ing not long af­ter that.”

Bald­win first started writ­ing the song in 2015. It took sev­eral years of putting off the record­ing ses­sion be­fore Drift­wood Cross took the song to the stu­dio.

Bald­win said he’s ac­tu­ally happy they waited, say­ing he, Tet­ford, and Lavoie have grown a lot as a band over the last three years and have a stronger con­nec­tion as a group in 2018 than they did in 2015.

The group got to­gether with Der­rick Vaters in Vic­to­ria to of­fi­cially record the sin­gle, which they re­leased via YouTube in early March.

Since then, Bald­win said he and the rest of Drift­wood Cross have re­ceived a fair amount of feed­back from not only their core au­di­ence, but also plenty of Newfoundlanders who left their home prov­ince to work, specif­i­cally in the western reaches of Canada such as Al­berta where many Newfoundlanders go to find work on large-scale job sites.

“The song talks about your time out west and your re­tire­ment, and how you can never re­ally let go of your New­found­land roots. It’s all about how a lot of peo­ple, whether they re­al­ize it early or later in their ca­reers, tend to get pretty home­sick, and the call a lot of them feel to fi­nally get back home,” said Bald­win.

“From what I can see, those words, those lyrics, they’re strik­ing a chord in peo­ple. A lot of peo­ple have told me how it re­ally made them think of home, and even made some peo­ple home­sick. That seems to be the gen­eral re­cep­tion, but peo­ple have loved it so far, and that’s the main thing.”

While it was Bald­win who orig­i­nally wrote “My New­found­land Home,” he was sure to note it’s since be­come not just his song, but Drift­wood Cross’ song. He told the Com­pass he’s happy with the fi­nal prod­uct and its smooth tran­si­tion from pa­per to the stu­dio.

Bald­win said he would like other up-and-com­ing mu­si­cians to fol­low their goals like he, Lavoie, and Tet­ford have. He says there are plenty of av­enues for young mu­si­cians to cre­ate the mu­sic they spend so long dream­ing about, de­spite the com­mon mis­con­cep­tion they have to leave the prov­ince, much like the peo­ple he ref­er­ences in the song have, to see their mu­si­cal goals ful­filled.

“I’m just very happy with the out­come so far, and hope­fully (the song) can reach out to even more peo­ple in the fu­ture. There are plenty of peo­ple out there who miss New­found­land, and I think our song re­ally speaks to how they feel.”


Drift­wood Cross is a three-piece band con­sist­ing of Bob Tet­ford (left), Han­nah Lavoie (cen­ter), and Larry Bald­win.

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