English Hill pot­holes con­tin­u­ous prob­lem

Res­i­dents want to see road paved

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Res­i­dents of English Hill want to see some changes with the way their road is han­dled.

English Hill is a rel­a­tively short street which can be found along Colum­bus Drive, just be­fore en­ter­ing Vic­to­ria. While it isn’t the most pop­u­lated area in Carbonear, res­i­dents who live there still want to see their road treated the same as the ma­jor­ity of the town’s streets.

Daw­son Hig­don is one such res­i­dent, hav­ing lived there for the past 20 years, the ma­jor­ity of his life. He says the road has con­tin­u­ally got­ten worse over those two decades, to the point where res­i­dents dread hav­ing to drive through it on a daily ba­sis. “It’s a safety con­cern for a lot of us,” he said. “I know it’s not the big­gest road in the town or any­thing, but peo­ple still live here, and it’s still used just as much as any other street.”

The main prob­lem res­i­dents have with the street is the pot­holes, some of which are deep enough that those liv­ing in the area sim­ply can­not drive over them with­out scrap­ing the bot­tom of their cars against the dirt road. Hig­don him­self drives up and down the road sev­eral times a day, he ex­plained, and his own car has suf­fered some da­m­age on the front bumper. While he does not di­rectly blame the state of his road for the da­m­age, he noted that he feels cer­tain it was at least a con­tribut­ing fac­tor.

Coun­cil does not com­pletely ig­nore the street, how­ever, as they use crushed stone to fill in the pot­holes sev­eral times a year, re­sult­ing in a newly smoothed out English Hill, clear of any deep pot­holes. This has been the go-to so­lu­tion for a num­ber of years.

Hig­don feels as though this is only a tem­po­rary fix to a longterm prob­lem, how­ever.

“Crushed stone is ex­actly that – crushed stone. When wa­ter gets in be­tween all that, it’ll ei­ther make the ground soft again, or freeze up and ex­pand, leav­ing more pot­holes for us to deal with un­til the next round of crushed stone,” he said. “Usu­ally, we’re left with all these pot­holes longer than we’re left with a smooth road.”

English Hill serves as a home for 12 res­i­dents in­clud­ing Hig­don. He says there are ap­prox­i­mately nine ve­hi­cles be­long­ing to these res­i­dents that drive across the road on a daily ba­sis. He, along­side some of his neigh­bours, have ex­pressed their con­cerns to coun­cil via let­ters, but so far have not re­ceived a clear re­sponse as to the plans.

“If I could do any­thing with it, I’d pave the road,” Hig­don said. “That seems like the most rea­son­able way to go about it. We’ve got all these pot­holes that just keep on com­ing back – why not pave it and be done with it? I know pave­ment doesn’t last for­ever ei­ther, but it’ll cer­tainly last longer than the crushed stone they use. I imag­ine that’d be a lot cheaper in the long run, too.”

As of Fri­day morn­ing, no dif­fer­ent plans for English Hill have been put in place, other than the con­tin­u­a­tion of the place­ment of crushed stone, but Hig­don says he is still hold­ing out hope.

“A paved road would be per­fect, I think. We can pave our own drive­ways, that’s no prob­lem ob­vi­ously, but it’d be nice to be able to drive down the road and not worry about beat­ing up your car ev­ery morn­ing,” he said.


Res­i­dents of English Hill are hop­ing to see some changes with the way their road is dealt with.

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