Cit­i­zen fed up with city be­ing run by its em­ploy­ees

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Ed­i­tor: You can’t blame the cit­i­zens of Kelowna for giv­ing up when it comes to things like this vis­i­tor in­for­ma­tion cen­tre on the Queeensway Jetty.

They have been bul­lied and beaten down by some “man­ager-em­ploy­ees” in City Hall for years.

Nor can you re­ally blame these man­ager-em­ploy­ees for their be­hav­iour be­cause they were taught this be­hav­iour when first hired.

Man­ager-em­ploy­ees are em­ploy­ees just like the em­ploy­ees they man­age. Em­ploy­ees are usu­ally hired di­rectly by an owner, or else by staff in hu­man re­sources, who are them­selves em­ploy­ees.

Em­ploy­ees are given du­ties, not rights to spend our money with­out per­mis­sion.

Bosses, of­ten a group of peo­ple, pay em­ployee salaries, the costs of run­ning the busi­ness or city, and the up­keep of prop­erty, in this case, city prop­erty which is owned by the cit­i­zens.

Be­cause the cit­i­zens pay these ex­penses through tax­a­tion, they are the le­gal bosses in Kelowna. As such, they have the right to make fi­nal de­ci­sions with the use of ref­er­en­dums.

If ref­er­en­dums are too ex­pen­sive, that is a de­ci­sion for the cit­i­zens to make, not man­ager-em­ploy­ees.

Given the above, ob­vi­ously these man­ager-em­ploy­ees in city hall have ab­so­lutely no right to come up with these projects and then ram them down the un­will­ing throats of Kelowna’s tax­pay­ers. This tourism build­ing is a clas­sic ex­am­ple of such projects.

Judg­ing by em­ployee re­sponse, the build­ing was a done deal be­fore it was ever pre­sented to the pub­lic.

Ref­er­en­dums in Kelowna? Re­fer…what!? Ver­non and Pen­tic­ton have not had any ref­er­en­dums lately be­cause they haven’t done things that were big enough. I asked.

The North Okana­gan Re­gional Dis­trict has had two in the re­cent past. Again, I asked. One for a sec­ond sheet of ice in the rink and one for a sports com­plex near the col­lege.

Stand up, Kelowna cit­i­zen, and say you have had enough.

Bul­ly­ing dis­ap­pears when fought by peo­ple. Lots of peo­ple. Lots of re­ally fed up peo­ple. I just stood up be­cause I am re­ally, re­ally fed up. Please, for your sake, do the same. Bruce R. H. Brown, Kelowna

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