Sky will not fall due to Trump’s pres­i­dency

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The new year is in and too many Cana­di­ans are wor­ried and fright­ened of what 2017 will bring us, once the u.s. has sworn in its new pres­i­dent on Jan. 20.

There is so much scare and fear mon­ger­ing spread around here in Canada by politi­cians, strate­gists, columnists, econ­o­mists and other “know-it-alls.” it’s un­be­liev­able! (Well, they do make a liv­ing from that.)

as for my­self, i look at this “Trump ef­fect” on Canada like this: The sky will not come crash­ing down on us. life, work, trade, the econ­omy and Canada-u.s relations will con­tinue just the same – for good or bad – as they did be­fore.

i be­lieve Canada, our gov­ern­ment and its min­is­ters will achieve a good and sen­si­ble re­la­tion­ship with this new u.s. ad­min­is­tra­tion as we had in the past – no doubt about it!

We are known to be a smart coun­try. Cana­di­ans must shift from cyn­i­cism to op­ti­mism, from neg­a­tive to pos­i­tive, from il­lu­sions to re­al­ity, and from fear to faith.

as Cana­di­ans we must be­lieve in our coun­try and most of all in our­selves. This in turn will make us feel good, strong and fear­less.

so have a fear­less new year! Karl Habla, Tim­mins

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