New coun­cil should find so­lu­tion to sewage is­sue

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On thurs­day night, col­lège boréal hosted a packed room where the cham­ber of com­merce ran a ses­sion for Wards 1 and 5 can­di­dates.

each of the 11 can­di­dates spoke for two min­utes and then an­swered ques­tions from the au­di­ence.

Most of the can­di­dates were young and very well ed­u­cated with prac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ences use­ful to our city. Many wanted to see a more demo­cratic com­mit­tee sys­tem and a re­de­fined ward sys­tem.

there was much dis­cus­sion about Stars and thunder with most can­di­dates be­ing op­posed to it.

the most in­ter­est­ing com­ments came from Ka­rina take­sayu who had to take a leave of ab­sence with­out pay in or­der to run for coun­cil. Ka­rina sug­gested that the east end should have a dual trunk pip­ing sys­tem. this would al­low sewage wa­ter to go di­rectly to the pro­cess­ing plant in tim­mins or to a new one in the east end. a new, smaller pip­ing sys­tem would sit be­low the frost line and carry rain wa­ter, and snow melt di­rectly into Por­cu­pine lake.

For my­self, i think that the city should sue the com­pany that built the two round hold­ing tanks (which won’t last 50 years) and use the money to build the be­low-street pipes.

there are many ditches in Por­cu­pine that al­ready carry rain wa­ter and th­ese can be linked di­rectly into the new sys­tem. if there were no peo­ple liv­ing in this area, the wa­ter would flow freely into the lake and it would be clean.

i also heard it said that many of the sewage pipes need re­plac­ing. While that is be­ing done, let’s set up the two-trunk sys­tem. this new sys­tem will last more than 50 years and base­ments will not be flooded. Our ac­tions would im­prove the en­vi­ron­ment and we might get some grants and praise for our in­no­va­tion.

My best friend, who has great dif­fi­culty walk­ing and has an elec­tric chair to take her up stairs from her base­ment apart­ment in Mel­rose, has been flooded out. She can’t use the chair be­cause it is hy­dro pow­ered. life is very dif­fi­cult with­out her shower and her washer/dryer. Of course, the city will be sued for this.

it begs a cou­ple of ques­tions: Why are we pay­ing to put clean rain and snow melt wa­ter in with dirty sewage wa­ter and pro­cess­ing it to­gether? Why aren’t we sav­ing mil­lions of dol­lars by us­ing the laws of na­ture and re­mem­ber­ing that wa­ter runs down­hill?

Sherri Jones,


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