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Tonight’s (May 20) meet­ing at the Civic Cen­tre is the sec­ond meet­ing to be held propos­ing changes to park­ing in the down­town core.

Plan­ners are cu­ri­ous to know if the pub­lic agrees with their pro­posal to elim­i­nate some 50 down­town park­ing stalls, re­place di­ag­o­nal park­ing (again), and add ad­di­tional driv­ing lanes on some streets.

The pro­posal is an at­tempt to in­crease down­town traf­fic move­ment that has been se­verely im­paired by changes all along 2nd Street West over the past year.

Drumheller traf­fic has yet to feel the full im­pact of th­ese changes as construction on the 52 year old Gor­don Tay­lor Bridge con­tin­ues, and con­tin­ues and con­tin­ues.

This of­fice has com­plained about this project for some time and is en­cour­aged by like-minded cit­i­zens who write-in or com­ment to us that they are in agree­ment with our state­ments and they them­selves pro­pose im­prove­ments that con­tinue to go un­heeded. But wait, we have a so­lu­tion. In­stead of push­ing through half-baked traf­fic so­lu­tions that will only con­tinue to anger traf­fic, lo­cals and vis­i­tors alike, leave that band-aid so­lu­tion alone. Don’t do it! Rather, put all the ef­forts into a bet­ter so­lu­tion. The town, along with pro­vin­cial plan­ners and our MLA should re-think the prob­lem and, in- stead, build a four lane ac­cess into down­town from the Cana­dian Tire cor­ner, cross­ing the soonto-be aban­doned train tracks, and com­ing out at the 7-11. If, as they say, 2/3 of our traf­fic en­ters Drumheller along the High­way 9 corridor from the Cal­gary area, we pro­vide lo­cals and vis­i­tors with far bet­ter ac­cess into and out of the down­town.

We then pro­vide in­stant ac­cess to down­town in­stead of mak­ing them curse at poor, in­ef­fec­tual so­lu­tions cur­rently pro­posed.

Most of the in­fra­struc­ture is al­ready there and this so­lu­tion pro­vides an im­me­di­ate, prac­ti­cal co­he­sive­ness be­tween the high­way traf­fic and ac­cess to down­town.

All of a sud­den, there are no exit prob­lems along 3rd Av­enue and the ill-con­ceived so­lu­tion can die on the plan­ning board.

One of the salient points that was brought out at the April 30 meet­ing where this sit­u­a­tion was first dis­cussed (and quickly passed over) was that the life of the Gor­don Tay­lor Bridge would end in 20 - 25 years.

If so, we should re­ally be made aware of how that 2nd Street corridor will be af­fected by re­align­ment to match the construction of a new bridge. Plan­ning of a 4 lane bridge should be thought out now.

Be­sides, the rib­bon-cut­ting plans for the new bridge, could some­how match the fi­nal com­ple­tion of construction on the cur­rent bridge.

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