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Dear Editor; Re: Democ­racy threat­ened! Act now for com­mon sense!!

It is now more than ob­vi­ous that many of us cit­i­zens/tax­pay­ers in the Cana­dian Prairies sense that some things are go­ing ter­ri­bly wrong – and quickly !

I ad­mire what many ded­i­cated vol­un­teers are do­ing in Al­berta to try to stop the in­san­ity, by get­ting as many names as pos­si­ble on pe­ti­tions, ask­ing our pro­vin­cial lead­ers to hold a plebiscite (a di­rect vote of the elec­torate) re­gard­ing Bills passed and Bills pro­posed that are known to be very con­cern­ing to a large num­bers of folks. At the very least, let’s sign th­ese pe­ti­tions, and if time can be found, let’s also write let­ters to cer­tain politi­cians, ask­ing for a re­turn to com­mon sense (re­spect for the sense/wis­dom of the com­mon peo­ple).

In fair­ness to our politi­cians, some of whom are sin­cere and ded­i­cated, I wish to point out that the bat­tle is not against them per­son­ally, but against the evil in­flu­ences in high places, that have per­me­ated the think­ing of many politi­cians, ed­u­ca­tors, and so­cial en­gi­neers. This is why I like the way the Al­ber­tans First Plebiscite War­riors move­ment is based on love for our fel­low cit­i­zens, rather than just an­gry ir­ra­tional protest.

In my view, the present at­tacks that are be­ing launched against our so­ci­ety can be sum­ma­rized in this way :

Pro­mo­tion of false Ide­ol­ogy (pro­mot­ing false ideas and ideals that form the ba­sis of political pol­icy)

Dis­re­gard for Democ­racy (dis­re­gard for the com­mon peo­ple’s view) Dis­re­gard for Fi­nan­cial Ac

count­abil­ity (spend­ing money that we do not have; bor­row­ing large sums)

Of the 3 above, I think the push­ing of de­struc­tive ide­ol­ogy onto the peo­ple is the most dam­ag­ing. Re­cent bla­tant ex­am­ples in Al­berta are the pro­pos­als to soon shut down the coal fired elec­tric­ity gen­er­a­tors (our re­li­able source of elec­tric­ity), forc­ing Bill 6 into law in full knowl­edge that a large num­ber of ru­ral peo­ple and many oth­ers were op­posed, and the most bla­tant of all, the new gen­der pol­icy for Al­berta schools pro­mot­ing a com­pletely dis­pro­por­tion­ate agenda for trans gen­der peo­ple at the ex­pense of ev­ery­one else. If there were awards for throw­ing young peo­ple into ut­ter con­fu­sion, and en­sur­ing that they stay con­fused, our present govern­ment would have just won the Gold Medal in this cat­e­gory. If you are a par­ent or grand­par­ent or any­one who cares about chil­dren you must at least skim this most bizarre doc­u­ment, in­tro­duced re­cently by Education Min­is­ter David Eggen, and I hope you will be mo­ti­vated to no­tify him and Premier Not­ley im­me­di­ately of your opin­ion. You can find it quickly by googling: Al­berta Guide­lines for Best Prac­tices; Sex­ual Ori­en­ta­tions, or Ci­ti­zenGo.org

Re­cent bla­tant ex­am­ples in the Fed­eral arena are what seems to be the wor­ship of the cre­ated (cli­mate, planet, mother earth, en­vi­ron­ment) rather than the Cre­ator, the lack of gen­uine con­cern for the prairie provinces, and the pro­mo­tion of the idea that we should be ashamed and feel guilty to own or pro­duce the amaz­ing en­ergy re­sources in our area.

Ac­tu­ally it seems both Al­berta and Fed­eral gov­ern­ments are op­er­at­ing on sim­i­lar ide­olo­gies, which in my view are de­struc­tive, and not held by most cit­i­zens on the prairies.

In the com­ing weeks, I hope to ex­press my views on the 3 above at­tacks in greater length, as I be­lieve many of us on the prairies hold sim­i­lar views. As a Chris­tian (mean­ing I trust that Christ paid the death penalty for my sins and faults), I see things from my Chris­tian view­point, but I be­lieve my fel­low cit­i­zens, Chris­tian or not, can equally see the de­struc­tive na­ture of the poli­cies and reg­u­la­tions be­ing forced onto us by some of our cur­rent law­mak­ers and pol­icy mak­ers.

If you agree with most or some of what I am ex­press­ing, please mail a short (or long) note/let­ter to: Groundswell of Or­di­nary Folks, Box 313, Mor­rin AB, T0J 2B0 Or by email to: groundswell@ or­di­nary­folks.org

I am in­ter­ested to see if the views I am ex­press­ing are Com­mon Sense (held by most of the com­mon peo­ple), or rare (un­com­mon). I will gage this, at least to some de­gree, by the num­ber of re­sponses that come to the above adresses.

Maybe a pow­er­ful com­mon sense move­ment, larger than just Al­berta, can be or­ga­nized to make a big dif­fer­ence in our fu­ture. Sin­cerely, Jim Blair, an or­di­nary joe, farmer, oil­field worker, earth­mover guy, and some­what dis­ap­pointed tax­payer, but hold­ing onto hope for a bright fu­ture for our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren, and thank­ful for the hard fought (just ask our veter­ans), Com­mon Sense, demo­cratic, her­itage we have en­joyed up un­til now. Editor The Drumheller Mail

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