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- Prune Hy­drangea Annabelle, Sa­man­tha, and ar­borescens types down to just a few inches and then don’t touch with the shears for the rest of the year. Prune back All Sum­mer Beauty, End­less Sum­mer and all other Hy­drangea macro­phylla types just enough to re­move the dead por­tions of the stems, but al­low­ing the green parts to re­main and then don’t touch af­ter that. Prune back all woody Hy­drangea pan­ic­u­lata types (Bobo, Lime­light, Lit­tle Lime, Mega Pearl, PeeGee, Phan­tom, Pink Di­a­mond, Pinky Winky, Quick­fire, Sil­ver Dol­lar, Tar­diva, Unique and Vanilla Straw­berry). All of these wood­ier types can be pruned back by about one third of the tops. Once they start to leaf out do not touch them any­more. Woody tree form Hy­drangeas should be pruned uni­formly, thinned if nec­es­sary, and re­move about one third of the head. -Prune ev­er­green shrubs like Ju­nipers if nec­es­sary, but not any Pine trees. - Aer­ate your lawns. Wa­ter, air, and roots can­not pen­e­trate com­pacted soil and that means your grass will be lack­ing. Aer­at­ing once a year re­duces com­paction and in­creases the vigor of your lawn.

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