Fire call num­bers down, false alarms up

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A reg­u­lar meet­ing of the Coun­cil of Star­land County was held in the Ad­min­is­tra­tion Of­fice, Mor­rin, Al­berta, on Wed­nes­day, March 23, 2016, com­menc­ing at 9:00 am,

Chief Ad­min­is­tra­tive Of­fi­cer Ross Rawlusyk re­viewed his CAO Re­port with Coun­cil. High­lights of his re­port in­cluded the fol­low­ing: - The Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment 2016 in­cludes in­vest­ments in hous­ing, tran­sit and green in­fras­truc­ture. There will be an in­creased fed­eral con­tri­bu­tion to important in­fras­truc­ture projects and a stream­lined process to en­sure th­ese in­vest­ments move quickly to build, re­pair and main­tain Canada’s core in­fras­truc­ture. - Ross noted that the down­turn in the econ­omy will ul­ti­mately ef­fect Star­land County as well. While farm­land re­mained rel­a­tively the same and res­i­den­tial ex­pe­ri­enced a 5.82% in­crease in as­sess­ment, the oil and gas sec­tor de­clined in as­sess­ment nearly 7%, re­sult­ing in a de­crease of ap­prox­i­mately $650,000.00 in tax­a­tion dol­lars for the County.

How­ever, we do have a large cap­i­tal com­po­nent we can scale back and some other cost re­duc­tions are avail­able as well. - Reeve Hoover pre­sented Star­land County’s res­o­lu­tion on “Im­prov­ing Over­sight of Del­e­gated Leg­is­la­tion” at the AAMDC Spring Con­ven­tion. The res­o­lu­tion, if ac­cepted by Gov­ern­ment, would re­quire the leg­is­la­ture to in­tro­duce all reg­u­la­tions si­mul­ta­ne­ously with Bills. This would ul­ti­mately al­low both Gov­ern­ment mem­bers and cit­i­zens to know what a Bill con­tains prior to it be­ing passed. - AESO has been tasked to de­velop and im­ple­ment a pro­gram to bring on new re­new­able gen­er­a­tion ca­pac­ity over the pe­riod to 2030 and pro­vide draft rec­om­men­da­tions on its plan in May 2016. AESO is reach­ing out to the de­vel­oper and in­vest­ment com­mu­nity to seek their in­put into the struc­ture of the Re­new­able Elec­tric­ity Pro­gram and are en­cour­ag­ing par­ties to par­tic­i­pate by com­plet­ing the ques­tion­naire in this re­gard. - En­deavor has sched­uled the first week to com­plete the 2015 fi­nan­cial au­dit for County. - Star­land County’s Tax Ar­rears List must be for­warded to the Land Ti­tles Of­fice be­fore March 31 and is now pre­pared and ready to be signed and sub­mit­ted. - Ross com­pleted the As­sess­ment Re­view Board train­ing pro­gram in Ed­mon­ton on March 17 and 18.

At 10:00 a.m., Public Works Su­per­vi­sor Pratt at­tended the meet­ing and re­viewed his Public Works Re­port with Coun­cil. High­lights of his re­port in­cluded the fol­low­ing: - Crews put a fence up around the Michichi Hall site af­ter the build­ing was de­mol­ished and also wa­tered down the build­ing ma­te­ri­als to min­i­mize the dust par­ti­cles in the air. - Crews have also been cut­ting trees in road al­lowances, steam­ing and hy­dro-vac­c­ing frozen cul­verts, haul­ing gravel for soft spots, in­stalling and re­plac­ing signs, haul­ing con­crete from the Michichi Hall to Court­ney/Hand­hills Pit, haul­ing fill back to Michichi from the Court­ney/Hand­hills Pit, help­ing with washouts on var­i­ous roads; of April Star­land - Sta­bi­liza­tion on the so­lar stands in Delia and Mor­rin has now been com­pleted; - Al cre­ated a new safe work prac­tice / pro­ce­dure for “Demolition of a build­ing” which was needed for the Michichi Hall demolition. - He has been get­ting quotes for some of the equip­ment on his cap­i­tal list.

CAO Rawlusyk noted that the dates have been fi­nal­ized for the 2016 Road Construction Meet­ing and Road Tour. The Road Construction Meet­ing will be held on Thurs­day, April 14, 2016, com­menc­ing at 9:00 a.m. in the Ad­min­is­tra­tion Of­fice. The Road Tour will be held on Fri­day, April 22, 2016, com­menc­ing at 8:30 a.m. Stan­tec Con­sult­ing Ltd. will be in at­ten­dance as well and will be pro­vid­ing the trans­porta­tion for this tour. Coun­cil re­viewed the pro­posed sched­ule of roads and sites on this tour.

At 11:25 a.m., Man­ager Riep at­tended the meet­ing and re­viewed his Mu­nic­i­pal Ser­vices Re­port with Coun­cil. High­lights of his re­port in­cluded the fol­low­ing: - Crews have been busy with ceme­tery in­tern­ments, as­sist­ing with re-cer­ti­fy­ing fire ex­tin­guish­ers, daily water sys­tem mon­i­tor­ing and test­ing, bac­te­ri­o­log­i­cal sam­pling and do­ing an­nual main­te­nance and re­pairs on re­cre­ation equip­ment. - A joint emer­gency ser­vices meet­ing was held on March 21, 2016. Bruce Macken­zie and Craig Sal­lows from AEMA at­tended the meet­ing and dis­cussed the changes within the pro­vin­cial de­part­ments as well as re­viewed our emer­gency pro­gram and any is­sues we may have had. - Goose Creek has been out do­ing work on the CLV so­lar in­verter sys­tem con­nec­tion. This in­volves the bat­tery bank within the sys­tem, which will op­er­ate the plant dur­ing af­ter hours or dur­ing night time un­til the so­lar pan­els are re-en­er­gized and sup­ply power to the sta­tion, how­ever, the so­lar pan­els have not yet been in­stalled. - There will be an Al­berta Emer­gency Alert Sys­tem Train­ing ses­sion on May 26, 2016, com­menc­ing at 9:00 a.m. in the Star­land County Coun­cil Cham­bers. - The An­nual Fire Pro­tec­tion Com­mit­tee Meet­ing was held March 10. - The Mor­rin Fire Truck is sub­stan­tially com­pleted now and is sched­uled for de­liv­ery on April 15. - Glen noted that water sys­tem au­dits were com­pleted by AENV on the CLV and Rum­sey water sys­tems. The au­dit is com­pleted by an eval­u­a­tion of the water sys­tem records and re­ports that are com­piled daily and sub­mit­ted monthly. If the au­dit re­veals a non-com­ple­tion or non-com­pli­ance within any of the 26 cat­e­gories, this will re­sult in a fail grade. Glen is work­ing on his writ­ten com­ments and re­sponse to the AENV au­dit re­view which in­cludes plans to up­grade and ad­di­tional equip­ment and mon­i­tor­ing abil­i­ties for the op­er­a­tions of the plant and as­sur­ance of fu­ture com­pli­ance in this re­gard.

CAO Rawlusyk pro­vided Coun­cil with a copy of Star­land County’s Re­gional Emer­gency Plan for their pe­rusal. This plan is de­signed to pro­vide guide­lines for im­ple­ment­ing a co­or­di­nated re­sponse to large emergencies or dis­as­ters af­fect­ing the Star­land Re­gional Emer­gency Part­ner­ship and/or any of the in­di­vid­ual mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties in the Part­ner­ship, in­clud- ing Star­land County and the Vil­lages of Delia, Mor­rin and Mun­son.

In ad­di­tion, he re­viewed a draft of a “Mu­nic­i­pal Emer­gency Man­age­ment By­law”. Un­der the Emer­gency Man­age­ment Act, Chap­ter E-6.8, Re­vised Statutes of Al­berta 2000, Star­land County must en­act a by­law to ap­point an Emer­gency Ad­vi­sory Com­mit­tee and es­tab­lish and main­tain a Mu­nic­i­pal Emer­gency Man­age­ment Agency. He noted that this by­law will be brought to a fu­ture meet­ing for Coun­cil’s en­dorse­ment.

As Di­rec­tor of Emer­gency Man­age­ment, Man­ager Riep re­viewed his An­nual Re­port. He noted that over the years there have been a num­ber of cour­ses pro­vided to our per­son­nel, how­ever, fur­ther devel­op­ment in this area is nec­es­sary in or­der for us to be com­pli­ant with pro­vin­cial re­quire­ments.

Sev­eral build­ings and lo­ca­tions have been iden­ti­fied as EOC lo­ca­tions or fa­cil­i­ties that can be used for evac­u­a­tion cen­tres. Th­ese fa­cil­i­ties have been equipped to ac­com­mo­date our back--up gen­er­a­tor when needed. In ad­di­tion, the County also has a por­ta­ble so­lar/gen­er­a­tor unit which can pro­vide other re­mote power sup­ply where and when needed. Glen also out­lined his pro­jected goals for fu­ture devel­op­ment in­clud­ing: ICS 200 train­ing for staff and EMC; emer­gency power source to com­mu­ni­ca­tions I In­ter­net ser­vice; EOC kit; 72 hour pre­pared­ness kits; and test­ing of our plan.

CAO Rawlusyk pro­vided a copy of the as­sess­ment guide­line used by Al­berta En­vi­ron­ment and Sus­tain­able Re­source Devel­op­ment (ESRD) for Potable Water Sys­tem In­spec­tions. As noted in Man­ager Riep’s re­port, water sys­tem au­dits were com­pleted by AENV on the CLV and Rum­sey water sys­tems. Th­ese aud’ts re­sulted in sev­eral items that need to be ad­dressed to im­prove th­ese sys­tems and the re­port­ing for same.

As Fire Mar­shall for Star­land County, Man­ager Riep also pre­sented his 2015 Fire Mar­shall’s An­nual Re­port. He noted that the to­tal num­ber of calls had de­clined by more than 10% over­all from the pre­vi­ous year, with a re­duc­tion in non-fire in­ci­dents be­ing the ma­jor con­trib­u­tor. There was a de­crease in the med­i­cal as­sist calls, but an in­crease in the false alarms. The false alarm num­bers re­flect those calls where a sec­ond depart­ment was dis­patched as a re­sult of a non-re­sponse to the ini­tial dis­patch by Red Deer 911. He noted that when a depart­ment is ne­glect­ing or fail­ing to use the Stan­dard Op­er­at­ing Pro­ce­dures nec­es­sary when dis­patched by not ac­knowl­edg­ing the page—out, 911 dis­patches an ad­di­tional depart­ment to re­spond to the emer­gency. Glen re­ported that a grant for train­ing was ob­tained un­der the Al­berta Fire Ser­vices and Emer­gency Pre­pared­ness Pro­gram for a joint train­ing ini­tia­tive with the Town of Drumheller. A num­ber of cour­ses were pro­vided and train­ing con­tin­ues to be a pri­or­ity in fu­ture devel­op­ment of the fire ser­vices within the County. Fire ap­pa­ra­tus and equip­ment up­grad­ing is on­go­ing and es­sen­tial to main­tain lev­els of ser­vice to our com­mu­ni­ties. A new Rosen­baur TX Mav­er­ick all-ter­rain four wheel drive unit was pur­chased for the Rum­sey Fire Depart­ment and the Rosen­baur pumper unit from Rum­sey will be reas- signed to the Craigmyle Fire Sta­tion. In re­gards to com­mu­ni­ca­tions the County com­pleted a re­view to de­ter­mine where im­prove­ments were needed and al­ter­na­tive means to en­hance the over­all sys­tem. This eval­u­a­tion iden­ti­fied key ar­eas which re­quire up­graded equip­ment or ad­di­tional tow­ers. The Fire Hall Util­ity pro­gram has been ex­panded to all the de­part­ments and has also shown to be a very use­ful tool in our com­mu­ni­ca­tions ca­pa­bil­i­ties. In re­gards to fire per­mits, he noted that a new pol­icy was adopted by coun­cil for the con­trolled burn­ing of brush piles or other re­lated de­bris. He noted sev­eral ob­jec­tives go­ing for­ward, with one of the main ob­jec­tives for 2016 be­ing the com­ple­tion and adop­tion of the Fire Pro­tec­tion Mas­ter Plan.

CAO Rawlusyk dis­cussed an is­sue which was brought up at the re­cent Fire Pro­tec­tion Meet­ing. Fire De­part­ments are be­ing called out and then they are re­quired to stay for ex­tended hours be­yond the ini­tial in­ci­dent, to pro­vide traf­fic con­trol. It was sug­gested that some type of hon­o­rar­ium should be pro­vided to mem­bers pro­vid­ing “Traf­fic Site Ac­com­mo­da­tion”.

Moved that Star­land County im­ple­ment a fee of $20.00 per hour per mem­ber, to be charged out and then paid to the fire depart­ment mem­bers in­volved in in­ci­dents in­volv­ing traf­fic site ac­com­mo­da­tion. CAR­RIED UNAN­I­MOUSLY.

Chief Ad­min­is­tra­tive Of­fi­cer Rawlusyk noted that he had been ap­proached once again by the Board of the Morn­ing Glory Water Co-op to have the County look af­ter me­ter read­ings and in­voic­ing ser­vices. He dis­cussed the var­i­ous is­sues in­volved in re­gards to the op­er­a­tions of the Morn­ing Glory Water Co-op sys­tem. Coun­cil de­ter­mined that CAO Rawlusyk and Man­ager Riep should work to­gether to es­tab­lish an agree­ment for the Board of the Morn­ing Glory Water Co-op to con­sider and if they ap­prove this agree­ment, then the County will move for­ward in tak­ing over the op­er­a­tions of this sys­tem.

CAO Rawlusyk noted that Al­berta En­vi­ron­ment and Parks are pro­vid­ing user train­ing for the Al­berta Rivers Web­page. Their web­site has been up­dated and mod­ern­ized and the new web­site will be launched April 15. Due to the size and scope of the web­site train­ing, they will only be able to ac­com­mo­date 2 per­sons from each client group. Train­ing is avail­able for the Red Deer River Basin on Tues­day, April 12, 2016 and CAO Rawlusyk will reg­is­ter two County rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

At 2:10 p.m., Agri­cul­tural Field­man Hamp­ton at­tended the meet­ing to dis­cuss the pro­posal re­ceived for com­plet­ing a fea­si­bil­ity study for the pro­posed new seed clean­ing plant for Delia. Stan­tec Ar­chi­tec­ture Ltd. pro­vided a quote to com­plete this study in the amount of $44,891.82 plus travel ex­penses and GST. Coun­cil dis­cussed this is­sue and sug­gested that other quotes should be ob­tained if pos­si­ble for pro­pos­als to do a fea­si­bil­ity study.

The next reg­u­lar meet­ing of the Coun­cil of Star­land County is to be held on Wed­nes­day, April 13, 2016 at the Star­land County Ad­min­is­tra­tion Of­fice, Mor­rin, Al­berta, com­menc­ing at 9:00 am.

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