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hot­mail.com to be on our list for up­dates. Sin­cerely, Richard Clark world. I am very proud to be a farmer and con­sider one of my most im­por­tant jobs to be a good stew­ard of the land. In a re­cent study done by “Cows and Fish” on the part of the Rose­bud River flow­ing through my land the ri­par­ian func­tion of the river scored “healthy” with lit­tle, or no im­pair­ment to ri­par­ian func­tions.

When ev­ery­one is con­cerned about Green­house Gas emis­sions and the car­bon foot­print we leave on our earth, I think it is time that we se­ri­ously look at re­cre­ation in a new light. We have a gov­ern­ment cur­rently en­cour­ag­ing farm­ers to build so­lar pan­els, and we have a pro­posed time line to phase out fos­sil fu­els. What are we think­ing? How will we be able to ex­plain to our grand­chil­dren and the next gen­er­a­tion how we closed our eyes and al­lowed this reck­less use of fuel all in the name of plea­sure!

Thank you for al­low­ing me to ex­press my opin­ion. Sin­cerely, Elaine Bel­lamy Will Farms Ltd. farm­ers that I know prac­tice good land man­age­ment.

Com­par­ing pol­lu­tion from farm­ing to pol­lu­tion from mo­tor rac­ing is like com­par­ing ap­ples to or­anges. Both are dif­fer­ent is­sues. The re­sults from farm­ing can be seen on your din­ner table in the food we eat. As far as I know, the only thing that eats race cars is rust. Peo­ple do not want a noisy ex­haust spew­ing race track in the val­ley. A sim­i­lar project near Balzac was not al­lowed to pro­ceed. We are con­stantly be­ing told to cut our us­age of fos­sil fu­els to help min­i­mize global warm­ing. Per­haps some­one can ex­plain how a mo­tor race track will achieve this.

The en­vi­ron­ment in the val­ley is unique. It con­tains en­dan­gered and threat­ened flora and fauna. Once the bull­doz­ers start tear­ing up the ground the en­vi­ron­ment is changed for­ever. The fenced race tracks will im­pede the move­ment of ter­res­trial wildlife. The dis­rup­tion and elim­i­na­tion of nest­ing ar­eas will dec­i­mate the bird life. There are ex­am­ples of habi­tat degra­da­tion in other ar­eas of Al­berta that have ma­jor im­pacts caus­ing the loss of wildlife.

It is time for the politi­cians to stand up and be counted. Lis­ten to the wishes of your con­stituents and do not ap­prove this project. Knee­hill County, the ball is in your court, do not fum­ble it. I find it to­tally un­ac­cept­able that you would al­low the de­struc­tion of a unique river val­ley en­vi­ron­ment for a project that al­lows big girls and boys to play with their toys. Sin­cerely, Richard Cole

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