Why hon­ey­bees need pro­tec­tion

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Hon­ey­bees flit­ting from flower to flower is one of the first signs that warm weather has ar­rived. Hon­ey­bees are a wel­come pres­ence in the gar­den, pol­lenat­ing plants and con­tribut­ing to lo­cal honey supplies.

De­spite their im­por­tance in the ecosys­tem, hon­ey­bees are in grave dan­ger. Bee­keep­ers in­di­cate hive deaths have been on the rise, gravely af­fect­ing the hon­ey­bee pop­u­la­tion. Hon­ey­bees pol­li­nate many fruit trees, nut plants and veg­eta­bles, play­ing a cru­cial role for many na­tions’ food in­dus­tries.

There are many things that reg­u­lar cit­i­zens and home­own­ers can do to pro­tect hon­ey­bees this sum­mer. Here are a few tips to help the hon­ey­bee sur­vive. pes­ti­cides to home gar­dens. Be es­pe­cially cau­tious when ap­ply­ing pes­ti­cides when bees are likely to be fly­ing. If you must ap­ply pes­ti­cides, do so only af­ter dusk.

the grow­ing sea­son. Rather than plant­ing ev­ery­thing at once, stag­ger plant­ing for flow­ers and other plants that have blooms. This gives bees plenty of pollen sources through­out early sum­mer and into fall.

A small gar­den fea­ture or a rain­wa­ter col­lec­tion is enough to pro­vide bees with a drink when needed.

some sort of shel­ter. Dead trees and plants pro­vide ad­e­quate shel­ter, so don’t be so tempted to pull out all of the un­der­growth in the name of aes­thet­ics. bees. Re­sources for plant­ing a bee-friendly gar­den can be found by vis­it­ing http://www.panna. org/ sites/ de­fault/ files/ BeeFriend­lyGar­den­ing_PAN.pdf. it alone. It’s best not to dis­turb a hive and hon­ey­bee colony. If bees are lo­cated where they can be­come a nui­sance, con­tact a lo­cal bee ex­pert to see if the hive can be moved.

your­self. There are many dif­fer­ent re­sources avail­able to help you get started.

Bees are be­ing threat­ened at an alarm­ing rate. Ed­u­cat­ing your­self about what to do to pro­tect hon­ey­bees can help to re­store the valu­able hon­ey­bee pop­u­la­tion.

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