Mor­rin stu­dents crotchet blan­kets for Fort McMur­ray evac­uees

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The stu­dents at Mor­rin School have been do­nat­ing their lunch breaks to learn to cro­chet and then make blan­kets for oth­ers un­der the di­rec­tion of Norma Jean Min­chau, Fam­ily Re­source Worker at the school. The kids are from grade 3 – 8 and came when­ever they wanted to at lunchtime. They learned how to make “granny squares” first and then some moved on other pat­terns.

This year when they heard about Fort McMur­ray, the kids wanted their blan­kets to go to kids who had to leave their homes. We had two fam­i­lies here in the area so we gave blan­kets to them. Blaize came to to school with us for a bit and Scott Meller re­ceived blan­kets for his two daugh­ters. Then we were lucky enough to get in con­tact with Ch­eryl MacDon­ald and her son Eas­ton – they were stay­ing in Drumheller and they came and re­ceived a blan­ket. As Ch­eryl is a grade 5 teacher and told us about evac­u­at­ing her stu­dents be­fore she could go pick up her son to leave, we gave her the rest of the blan­kets to take back to her com­mu­nity for the kids that had lost their homes. Both Mike and Ch­eryl spent time with the stu­dents, an­swer­ing their ques­tions and telling them about leav­ing Fort McMur­ray that day and what it has been like for them since com­ing down here. We would like to thank both of them for tak­ing time out of their busy days to come and re­ceive blan­kets as well as help us un­der­stand what it was re­ally like leav­ing dur­ing an emer­gency evac­u­a­tion.

Af­ter com­plet­ing 15 size blan­kets this year, stu­dents are ex­cited to lap the take a break over the sum­mer (al­though some have taken sup­plies home), and then get back at mak­ing more blan­kets in the fall. Thanks once again to the com­mu­nity for the gen­er­ous do­na­tions of yarn that we re­ceive. This al­lows us to keep cro­chet­ing with lots of va­ri­ety.

Grades 3-8 stu­dents from Mor­rin School show the multi-coloured blan­kets they crotch­eted and do­nated to Fort McMur­ray evac­uees.

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