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Karen McMil­lan re­ports that she and her sis­ter, along with three other girl cousins have re­turned from an ex­cit­ing sum­mer va­ca­tion which in­cluded vis­its to Ice­land, Swe­den, and to Den­mark where they were able to visit with some Dan­ish cousins. Never idle for long, she par­tic­i­pated in the “Ride to Con­quer Cancer” bi­cy­cle tour last week­end and would be happy to ac­cept do­na­tions of sup­port at her web page http:// www.con­quer­cancer.ca/goto/ karen­m­cmil­lan. Karen also re­ports that the McMil­lan fam­ily is mourn­ing the loss of their very dear Aunt Mil­dred; con­do­lences are ex­tended to the fam­ily.

Other trav­ellers who have re­cently re­turned home are Lau­rie and Joan Reif­f­en­stein who spent some time on Vancouver Island see­ing the sights as well as pay­ing a visit to Eileen Peltier (n. Jensen) in Duncan.

The most re­cent sum­mer storm brought more rain and there are some re­ports of hail but we have not heard of any se­vere dam­age in the im­me­di­ate Dalum area. The weather net­work shows sunny weather ahead and that will be a wel­come change for those putting up hay as well as for or­ga­niz­ers of events such as the Heavy Horse event to be held at Ver­dant Val­ley on Satur­day.

Pas­tor Peter Ras­mussen ar­rived in Dalum in 1920 when the com­mu­nity was in its in­fancy. In those days pi­o­neer fam­i­lies full of hope and en­thu­si­asm were de­vel­op­ing farm yards which were nes­tled to­gether much more closely than now. The farms are larger and the farm fam­i­lies fewer in the twenty-first cen­tury but many re­main, as does the fence line on the large hill which forms part of the west­ern bank of the coulee where the pi­o­neer pas­tor was in­spired to record the fol­low­ing in his per­sonal mem­oirs. The year is not stated but it was in the early days of our com­mu­nity, be­fore day­light sav­ing time came into use (in 2016 the sun­rise oc­curs an hour later dur­ing the sum­mer) and be­fore a view of the hori­zon in­cluded the many ra­dio tow­ers and wind­mills with their red flash­ing bea­cons. With plan­ning for our cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tion in mind, I in­clude in this Au­gust 10 re­port an ex­cerpt from “An Au­gust Tenth Sun­rise”, ob­ser­va­tions by Pas­tor Peter Ras­mussen.

“I had de­cided that I wanted to see a sun­rise from the top of the hill. I had been there many times dur­ing day and at even­tide. At 4:30 on the 10th of Au­gust I go out through the door. Ev­ery­thing is quiet in the house, ev­ery­one else is asleep. But out­side the poul­try have be­gun to stir and a young rooster makes stren­u­ous ef­forts to pro­duce a loud crow. I see only two stars, one in the east (the morn­ing star) and one in the south. All the oth­ers, which used to shine so brightly, are seen no more.”

“First my steps go down the path through the deep coulee, or shall I call it the vale of shad­ows at this time of day. There is wa­ter here and there in the deep holes and grass in the coulee bot­tom and well up the sides. There are also many trails. They twist and turn in and out past the wa­ter holes and the points of land. They cross each other time and again as if to form a com­plete net. Now I be­gin to rise, the light be­comes clearer over the prairie grass. A flock of prairie chick­ens takes off and some black crows pass to the north. Some­what out of breath I reach the top of the hill and sit down on a rock with my back against a fence post. A soft southerly wind cools me. A veil of fog lies over the river val­ley to­wards the Hand Hills. A sin­gle, long, nar­row cloud to­ward the east par­al­lels the earth’s sur­face like an island in an ocean of light, be­fore the sun comes. Even though the sky to the west doesn’t have a sin­gle cloud it is dull and dark.”

“At the point where I sur­mise the sun soon will rise it be­comes clearer and clearer. I be­lieve that the pres­ence of the cloud en­hances the sun­shine in its mount­ing glow. It seems to me that never be­fore have I seen such shim­mer­ing bright­ness. And now a won­der oc­curs, the first vi­brat­ing rays. My eyes can no longer stand to look at it with­out be­ing blinded and yet I try again and again. Then, over the bar­rier of a hill, the sun surged roy­ally - cres­cent, half-dish, full orb - and over­looked the world. The lu­mi­nous tide flooded the prairie coun­try.”

“Here is a lovely view, so far and wide. From here one can see so many homes in the Dan­ish colony. The houses to the west, with win­dows to the east, shine and sparkle as if they were il­lu­mi­nated. From some, smoke rises in the clear, quiet morn­ing. All are sur­rounded by golden fields of wheat, for har­vest time has ar­rived with boun­ti­ful prom­ise. But now there is a great dif­fer­ence in how one looks at all of these homes. There is bless­ing, in the quiet of ones thoughts, to rec­om­mend them to God’s keep­ing. In this way one en­ters into a com­pletely dif­fer­ent re­la­tion­ship to these homes even though the peo­ple within have no knowl­edge of it. Who knows if pos­si­bly there are peo­ple some­where in the world who are send­ing kindly thoughts to the man sit­ting all alone on this hill top? Like the trails in the coulee that cross each other there are many, many threads, in­vis­i­ble threads, in the life of peo­ple and be­tween peo­ple.”

The pas­tor con­tin­ued his es­say in the form of a sermon but I will con­clude by ask­ing those whose life trails have led away from Dalum to re­turn in 2018 when we cel­e­brate the cen­ten­nial of our com­mu­nity.

You may con­tinue to call Ger­ald and Maryann Ras­mussen at 403-823-2036 with your news items or, e-mail to ger­mar70@magtech.ca. and par­tic­i­pa­tion. Moneys raised from this fundraiser goes to­ward spe­cial projects, such as the ther­mal imag­ing cam­era and ex­tri­ca­tion equip­ment. This com­mu­nity is so gen­er­ous and we work hard to be sure you get the most bang for your buck. Thank you again for your sup­port and gen­eros­ity. And thank you to all of the spouses for their hard work and their sup­port!

The Big Val­ley Golf Club will be hold­ing Night Golf on Fri­day, Aug. 12. Reg­is­tra­tion is at 6:30 p.m. with tee off at 7:00 p.m. There will be 9 holes in the day­light and 9 holes at night with a smokie lunch af­ter first nine holes. For more in­for­ma­tion, call 741-4143.

This Satur­day and Sun­day, the Cal­gary Free-Mo club will be show­cas­ing their thir­teenth an­nual Free-Mo train show in the Big Val­ley arena. Each year model train en­thu- siasts con­struct and op­er­ate one of the largest model train lay-outs of its type in North Amer­ica. The dis­play cov­ers over 500 feet of bench work, which al­most takes up the en­tire sur­face of the Big Val­ley arena. Come on down to Big Val­ley to check out this re­mark­able and fas­ci­nat­ing free event.

Au­gust birth­day wishes go out to Brice Burn­stad – 1, Kelly Arm­strong – 3, Phyl­lis Gar­ri­son – 5, Nora Saar – 5, Brook­lyn Slootweg – 6, Joanne Bart­ley – 7, Kathy Evans – 8, Donna Clark – 9, Dorothy Annable – 9, Tess Thurston – 9, Wayne Skoc­dopole – 10, Bill Smil­lie – 13, Marie Gri­d­ley – 14, Luke Skoc­dopole – 15, Tay­lor Baird – 15, Con­nie Watts – 15, Ch­eryl Elines – 16, Val Er­ick­son – 16, Win­nie Ste­wart – 17, Vi Mil­ton – 18, Rick Ste­wart – 18, Grace McMullin – 20, Cer­win Annable – 20, Wayne Brench­ley – 21, Wayne Saar – 21, Sam Thurston – 22, Ainsleigh Lucki – 23, Edgar Siegrist – 24, Don Em­blau – 24, Dorothy Dressler – 25, Dea­gan Lucki – 27, Cindy Torp – 27, Wayne Fraser – 28, Zachary Duncan – 28, Ch­eryl VanHaga – 29 and Mel Dodds – 31. Happy an­niver­sary to Har­vey & Judey Chris­tensen – 3, Dale & Re­becca John­ston – 5, David & De­bra John­ston – 6, Ger­rit & Terry Visser – 8, Bill & Verna Kirt­ley – 12, Brent & Cindy Mailer – 17, Dan & Jenny Houle – 19, Mel & Lois Miller – 23 and Terry & Janel Annable – 24.


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