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A fam­ily that tin­kers to­gether stays to­gether. And even­tu­ally will hit the road to­gether on a small col­lec­tion of mo­tor­cy­cles.

The Mail caught up with 15-year-old Daniel Law in his garage tin­ker­ing with his 1971 Honda Trail bike. The bike was his great un­cle’s and sat at his farm for years. He brought it home and un­der­took a restora­tion. He learned that this bike may have sparked the love of mo­tor­cy­cles in his fam­ily.

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“This was the ex­act same bike my Dad learned to ride on, down in McGrath,” ex­plains Daniel.

To­day the fam­ily has five bikes ready to hit the road, and Daniel has one more, par­tially in a box in the garage and par­tially in his bed­room.

Grow­ing up, there was al­ways a bike around the home. His fa­ther has a Kawasaki Voy­ager tour­ing bike and the kids all took their turn rid­ing around with fa­ther Brian and mother Cindy. In fact, as his older sis­ter Sarah and brother Devin came of age, they all be- gan rid­ing.

It is one thing to have a bunch of cool bikes, it’s another to keep them road­wor­thy, and that’s where the tin­ker­ing comes in.

His fa­ther, al­ways handy, has re­stored an an­tique 1924 In­ter­na­tional Farm truck and Daniel ex­plains that a Princess Auto in­dus­trial mo­tor be­came the ba­sis of a project. Work­ing from a tem­plate they also built a go kart from scratch.

A few years af­ter they moved to the val­ley, he ac­quired the Honda trail bike he has re­stored. He has also busted his knuck­les work­ing on the rest of the fam­ily bikes.

“The new­est bike we have is a 93. They are all old enough and it takes a bit a work to keep them go­ing, but we take good care of them the best we can,” he said.

A 1969 Yamaha CT 175 two stroke trail bike is his next project.

“It’s a work in progress. I was go­ing to re­store it, but now I think I’ll just turn it into a dirt bike,” said Daniel.

Daniel tells The Mail, he turns 16 next April and then he will be li­censed to drive. He, along with his mother and fa­ther, are plan­ning a trip in the Kananaskis, where he will ride his Honda 650 tour­ing bike. His lit­tle brother Ben, 11, will have the choice of three bikes to ride along with, un­til he catches the spark.

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