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Hon. Kevin Soren­son Ta­bles Pri­vate Mem­bers Bill

Tak­ing Ac­tion Against Abuse of Con­trolled Sub­stances in­clud­ing Fen­tanyl

Bill C-307 Pro­poses Reg­u­la­tion to Pro­tect Cana­di­ans by Man­dat­ing Spe­cific Drugs to have Abuse-De­ter­rent or Tam­per-Re­sis­tance Prop­er­ties.

The Hon. Kevin Soren­son, Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment for Bat­tle River-Crow­foot, has in­tro­duced a Pri­vate Mem­bers’ Bill to en­able the fed­eral Min­is­ter of Health to re­quire spe­cific con­trolled sub­stances or classes of con­trolled sub­stances to have Abuse-De­ter­rent For- mu­la­tions (ADF) and/ or tam­per-re­sis­tance prop­er­ties mak­ing them more dif­fi­cult to abuse. Soren­son says, “On a daily ba­sis, Cana­di­ans hear about drugs – in­clud­ing fen­tanyl - be­ing tam­pered with so they can be abused. There is a list of such sub­stances and we know the list will grow. Cana­di­ans are suf­fer­ing and even dy­ing. Sur­viv­ing rel­a­tives and friends are suf­fer­ing. This Bill will pro­vide the fed­eral Min­is­ter of Health one more tool to swiftly com­bat the abuse of spe­cific drugs now and in the fu­ture. It will also make it more dif­fi­cult for or­ga­nized crime to profit from traf­fick­ing drugs that they have tam­pered with.”

Bill C-307, An Act to amend the Con­trolled Drugs and Sub­stances Act (tam­per re­sis­tance and abuse de­ter­rence) pro­poses to ex­pand the Health Min­is­ter’s reg­u­la­tory pow­ers. It will al­low Canada to quickly re­strict ac­cess to and the flow of non-ADF and non- tam­per- re­sis­tant con­trolled sub­stances or classes of con­trolled sub­stances. The Bill calls for the Gov­er­nor in Coun­cil to es­tab­lish reg­u­la­tions so the fed­eral Health Min­is­ter can go to Cabi­net and seek to have an or­der to stop the avail­abil­ity of a spe­cific drug un­til it has an abuse-de­ter­rent for­mu­la­tion or it has been made tam­per­re­sis­tant.

Soren­son says, “While the term ‘tam­per-re­sis­tance’ is mainly used by Health Canada, it is in­cluded un­der the more gen­eral ‘abuse-de­ter­rent for­mu­la­tions’ in the med­i­cal sci­ence lit­er­a­ture. My bill will keep pace with the evolv­ing tech­nol­ogy that pre­vents sub­stances from be­ing tam­pered with and abused. This bill could be in ef­fect now and deal with the lethal re­sults of the abuse of fen­tanyl. My bill will re­main use­ful as new drugs be­come avail­able and it will ac­com­mo­date sud­den de­mands for pro­tec­tions against the tragic re­sults from the abuse of spe­cific drugs.

“I ac­cept that abusede­ter­rent for­mu­la­tions and ‘tam­per-re­sis­tance’ does not mean that such sub­stances are 100% be­yond be­ing abused. Yet, Cana­di­ans need pro­tec­tions – and fast – from the scourge of sub­stances in­clud­ing Oxy-Con­tin, fen­tanyl, and other opi­oids. We need our govern­ment to be able to take swift ac­tion to save lives when­ever we learn that spe­cific phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals are be­ing tam­pered with and the re­sults are deadly and wide-spread. We have seen the re­ports of un­sus­pect­ing Cana­di­ans in­gest­ing a sub­stance and dy­ing from it over a time pe­riod as brief as min­utes. We also know that hun­dreds of Cana­di­ans are dy­ing over time pe­ri­ods mea­sured in months. The tech­nol­ogy to pre­vent these deaths is de­vel­op­ing fast and we should be pre­pared to im­me­di­ately have ac­cess to and uti­lize ev­ery de­vel­op­ment as it be­comes avail­able. We need to help pro­tect Cana­di­ans from the deadly re­sults of the abuse of avail­able phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals. No one mea­sure is a panacea, yet, ev­ery ef­fort helps,” Soren­son con­cludes.

Read Bill C-307:­ca­tions/Pub­li­ca­tion.aspx?Lan­guage=E&Mode=1&DocId=8446293.

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