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A Christ­mas Mes­sage from Rev. Heather Carl­son

The Drumheller Mail - - CHRISTMAS GREETINGS -

The star the wise­men had seen in the east guided them to Beth­le­hem.... They en­tered the house and saw the child with his mother, Mary, and they bowed down and wor­shipped him. Then they opened their trea­sure chests and gave him gifts of gold, frank­in­cense and myrrh. Matthew 2:9-11 Jan­uary 6 is his­tor­i­cally the day Chris­tians cel­e­brate the ar­rival of the Magi (wise­men). Hav­ing seen a new star in the sky that they de­ter­mine sig­nals the birth of a new king, they set out to find him. It takes many days, maybe years, to track down the child; their jour­ney takes them to cap­i­tal cities, into the pres­ence of kings and lead­ing ad­vis­ers, and fi­nally to a hum­ble dwelling in a lit­tle town. Usu­ally we talk about the gifts the Magi bring to Je­sus... gold, frank­in­cense and myrrh, but this year I've been think­ing about the gift the Magi al­ready have them­selves. I would call it the gift of cu­rios­ity; a mix­ture of at­ten­tive­ness, in­quis­i­tive­ness and per­se­ver­ance. Without this cu­rios­ity, th­ese wise ones would not have knelt be­fore the baby Je­sus in joy and wor­ship. Their at­ten­tive cu­rios­ity to the events around them al­lowed them to no­tice the change in the stars. How of­ten do we get bogged down in the day to day rou­tines... head down plough­ing our way through life? When we do, we may miss the op­por­tu­nity to see glimpses of God's beauty and new­ness break­ing into our world. I won­der what we might see this hol­i­day sea­son if we lift our eyes to be at­ten­tive. The in­quis­i­tive cu­rios­ity of the Magi leads them to seek out ques­tions and ad­vice of those around them. How of­ten do we con­vince our­selves we have noth­ing left to learn... set in our think­ing we stop ask­ing ques­tions and ad­vice of those who might help us? When we do, we may miss the op­por­tu­nity to find a new path that leads us to the God who has come among us. I won­der what we might learn this hol­i­day sea­son if we asked some­one where/how they have ex­pe­ri­enced God. The per­se­ver­ing cu­rios­ity of the Magi drives them not to give up, even when they face un­cer­tainty, chal­lenges and even dan­ger. How of­ten do we give up on our­selves or God when things be­come dif­fi­cult? When we do, we may miss the won­der, joy and con­nec­tion that God has wait­ing for us through or on the other side of that ob­sta­cle. I won­der what de­light we might ex­pe­ri­ence this hol­i­day sea­son if we per­se­vered in our quest to find God present among us. The gift of cu­rios­ity led the Magi to kneel be­fore the new­born King Je­sus. Yet I think cu­rios­ity is a gift we all can ex­er­cise by open­ing our­selves to be­ing at­ten­tive, in­quis­i­tive and per­se­ver­ing. May the gift of cu­rios­ity draw you close to God and His pres­ence among us this sea­son. Merry Christ­mas and Happy New Year!

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