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When colder weather ar­rives, many peo­ple stay in­doors and fight the harsh weather with hot cho­co­late and heat­ing sys­tems. It’s no sur­prise, then, that most homes ac­cu­mu­late quite the amount of clut­ter over the course of a typ­i­cal win­ter. The more time we spend in­doors, the more junk we seem to amass.

Clut­ter can con­trib­ute to the sense of cabin fever many peo­ple be­gin to feel as win­ter trudges for­ward. But a few home-or­ga­ni­za­tion tips can help make all those ex­tra hours spent in­doors dur­ing the win­ter months a lit­tle less claus­tro­pho­bic. * Buy a coat rack. Just about ev­ery­one bun­dles up in a warm coat once the tem­per­a­tures dip. But once you get home and the warm air in­side wel­comes you, the first in­stinct is to take the coat off and lay it down on the first chair you see. In­stead of toss­ing all those coats on an arm­chair or a bench in the kitchen, buy a coat rack and place it just in­side the main en­trance. This way you will al­ways know where your coat is, and the house won’t look so messy with coats strewn about in a va­ri­ety of places. * Have a tray set aside for keys. As clut­ter ac­cu­mu­lates through­out the win­ter, the chances your keys will go miss­ing in­crease. Save your­self the fran­tic search for keys in the morn­ing by set­ting a tray aside for keys or just hang­ing a hook on the wall where ev­ery­one places their keys. * Par­ti­tion desk draw­ers. It’s easy to fill a desk drawer. It’s much harder to re­mem­ber a drawer’s con­tents. Save your­self the stress of root­ing through desk draw­ers by in­stalling par­ti­tions so ev­ery­thing is not just lumped in to­gether. This will make things eas­ier to find and will likely pre­vent you from just adding ran­dom items to desk draw­ers. * Bun­dle all those cords. Nowa­days, the av­er­age tele­vi­sion has roughly one dozen cords at­tached to it. HDMI ca­bles, video game con­soles, DVD play­ers, home theater sys­tems, and, of course, the tele­vi­sion cord it- self are among the many cords that can make a mess near your tele­vi­sion. Bun­dle these cords with a cord or­ga­nizer to make wires and plugs much more man­age­able. * Toss the junk mail. Thanks to pa­per­less bank state­ments and on­line billing, many peo­ple no longer re­ceive im­por­tant doc­u­ments through the mail. In­stead, mail­boxes are filled with junk mail such as ad­ver­tise­ments or menus from lo­cal restau­rants. Rather than plac­ing junk mail on the kitchen counter or stor­ing it in the desk drawer, throw it out as you re­ceive it and you will no doubt no­tice con­sid­er­ably less clut­ter al­most in­stantly. * Stop los­ing things to the couch. Few things are as frus­trat­ing as a miss­ing re­mote con­trol. Too of­ten a re­mote gets lost in a sea of throw pil­lows that, while dec­o­ra­tive, serve lit­tle pur­pose. Don’t overdo it with throw pil­lows and des­ig­nate an area for all those re­mote con­trols. * Clean out the re­frig­er­a­tor. An­other cul­prit when it comes to clut­ter is the fam­ily re­frig­er­a­tor. Half-eaten meals or ex­pired items can be found in al­most ev­ery re­frig­er­a­tor on the planet. If you’re put­ting left­overs in the fridge after ev­ery meal, then chances are you have lots of left­overs that have passed their prime. Have a potluck night where you eat all of the left­overs. Clean out the re­frig­er­a­tor once a week to en­sure that it only con­tains fresh foods, bev­er­ages and ad­di­tional items. * Add stor­age space. Us­ing draw­ers and only draw­ers for stor­age is a great way to be­come dis­or­ga­nized. If you have any bare walls, par­tic­u­larly in the kitchen, use them to hang shelves you can use for stor­age. If the walls are full or not sturdy enough to hang a stor­age shelf, in­stall an ex­tra shelf or two in the pantry.

Once you turn these easy tips into daily habits, your home will be­come a re­laxed place to en­joy.

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