Fred the Al­li­ga­tor con­tent in new home

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Once in the spot­light, it ap­pears now that Fred the Al­li­ga­tor is hardly seen, and that seems fine by him.

In Au­gust 2015, Fred the Al­li­ga­tor, once the cen­ter­piece of Rep­tile World was re­lo­cated to his new home at Al­li­ga­tor Ad­ven­ture in Myr­tle Beach, South Carolina.

“Fred’s not around much ac­tu­ally,” laughs Thad Bow­man public re­la­tions for Al­li­ga­tor Ad­ven­ture. “He has 7-10 acres he has free range of, he spends the sum­mers out there and then comes up for feed­ing, but other than that, he is pretty much a wild al­li­ga­tor out there.”

Fred was re­moved from the for­mer Rep­tile World with 142 other an­i­mals in the win­ter of 2015. Lit­tle Ray’s Rep­tile Zoo of Ot­tawa took con­trol of a num­ber of the an­i­mals res­cued and trans­ported to East­ern Canada in good health. Fred, then tip­ping the scales at about 600 pounds, was then taken with other res­cues to the refuge in South Carolina.

“He was def­i­nitely healthy, Fred is a big boy,” he said. “There are about 500 al­li­ga­tors in that area. He had plenty of room to hide, if he didn’t want to be with other al­li­ga­tors there are nooks and cran­nies they can get in to get away from oth­ers.”

Bow­man said they opted to place Fred in his nat­u­ral habi­tat where the an­i­mals could take refuge rather than in the main pool.

Within this en­clo­sure there are males up­wards of 13 feet long. Fred, when he ar­rived was es­ti­mated to be about 11 feet.

“Dur­ing this time of year they spend a lot of time out there in the sun. They are cold blooded so they ab­sorb as much heat as they can,” he said, adding they are not seen much from Oc­to­ber to about April as they aren’t fed dur­ing the win­ter.

He says the only time they are typ­i­cally seen is dur­ing feed­ing time in the sum­mer and around breed­ing.

“The males will fight dur­ing breed­ing, and the girls will bat­tle over nest­ing ar­eas,” he said.

The move of the an­i­mals to the sanc­tu­ary was a very rare oc­cur­rence.

“You have to give credit to Lit­tle Ray’s (Rep­tile Zoo),” he said “Those were the first al­li­ga­tors that have been brought to the United States since late 1960’s… they had to do a lot of talk­ing to Fish and Wildlife to do this. Al­li­ga­tor Ad­ven­ture takes pos­ses­sion of about 100 res­cues per year.


Fred the Al­li­ga­tor is set­tled in at his new home at Al­li­ga­tor Ad­ven­ture in South Carolina. He is sel­dom seen, with the ex­cep­tion of feed­ing time.

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