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A bridal shower for Shayla San­dum will take place at the Dalum Hall on Satur­day, March 18, and we are re­minded by Lynn Petersen and Karen McMil­lan that they are col­lect­ing for the com­mu­nity gift for Shayla and Drew. For those who may be in­ter­ested, there is a bridal reg­istry for Shayla at the Bay. The shower will be­gin at 7:00 pm and the wed­ding is set for July 1 when Shayla will be­come Mrs. Tole­man.

An­other event com­ing up at the hall is the An­nual Gen­eral Meet­ing of the Hall As­so­ci­a­tion which will be held at 7:30 pm on Wed­nes­day, March 22. There are some cur­rent Board mem­bers who are well past their “best be­fore” dates and any­one in­ter­ested in tak­ing a turn as a di­rec­tor is wel­come to vol­un­teer.

I know that a few peo­ple read this col­umn be­cause I hear about it when I make a mis­take, as I did last week when I stated that Dalum was the last of the Dan­ish colonies to be es­tab­lished in Canada. Carl Sorensen, for­merly of Til­ley, was quick to point out to me that while Dalum had been set­tled prior to 1920 it was not un­til about ten years later that an­other group of Danes be­came es­tab­lished at that south­ern Al­berta com­mu­nity. The Dan­ish com­mu­nity at Til­ley was cen­tered on farm­ing, their Dan­ish her­itage and the church which was served by Pas­tor An­ton Skan­derup. Both set­tle­ments ac­quired land which had been ceded to the Cana­dian Pa­cific Rail­way as an in­cen­tive to build the transcon­ti­nen­tal line and Carl pro­vided me with an ex­cerpt from the Skan­derup fam­ily his­tory which il­lus­trates the ef­fect that the C.P.R. had on the de­vel­op­ment of eth­ni­cally based com­mu­ni­ties on the prairies. An­ton Skan­derup wrote: “It was the days of col­o­niza­tion by the Cana­dian Pa­cific Rail­way Com­pany. They sent agents ev­ery­where, also to the States. The CPR, upon re­quest, con­tacted me. A free trip was ar­ranged to Canada, and we ended up in Brooks, where land was for sale. Millicent Flat was the orig­i­nal place thought of, but al­ready too much of the land was sold so there was not enough left to set­tle a colony of Danes on. We looked over the land around Til­ley. Also here were two agents busy sell­ing land. One bring­ing in Slo­vakian set­tlers, an­other mostly Hun­gar­i­ans, and I was to bring in Dan­ish. The CPR de­cided to give up their big hay farm and let it be set­tled by Danes and sev­eral other sec­tions of land were added to be re­served for the Dan­ish to set­tle on. We kept the reser­va­tion for 2 years. This took place in Au­gust 1929.”

Keep­ing in mind that it is now less than 18 months un­til the cel­e­bra­tion mark­ing the cen­ten­nial of the com­mu­nity of Dalum, the or­ga­niz­ing com­mit­tee must now be­gin de­vel­op­ing a guest list in or­der to plan for ac­com­mo­da­tions and food ser­vices. Those who read this col­umn and wish to at­tend the home­com­ing on the week­end of Au­gust 3 to 5, 2018, may re­ply to me at ger­mar70@magtech.ca.

It is not un­com­mon to see and hear owls through­out the win­ter but lately they have been mak­ing more than the usual amount of night time calls as the mat­ing sea­son is well un­der way. At my house the wag-o-matic spent most of an evening bark­ing at a pair of the love birds and Laurie Reif­f­en­stein re­ports that he and Joan were kept awake one night when some vo­cif­er­ous ro­manc­ing was tak­ing place out­side their win­dow. It is the Great Horned Owl which we most com­monly see in this area and they, along with the Screech Owl, are the only two owl species known to mate for life so one won­ders why the re­frain of “Who, who, who?”. Per­haps the fe­male knows who but just doesn’t give a hoot.

With each pass­ing week there are more signs of spring and next Sun­day, March 12, is the re­turn to Day­light Sav­ing Time. “Spring ahead” means that clocks will ad­vance by one hour at 2:00 am. Many mod­ern de­vices do it au­to­mat­i­cally while some clocks never get changed. My old truck has been on “sum­mer time” since the turn of the cen­tury and that was about the same time that the “check en­gine” light came on; some things you just learn to live with.

Birth­day greet­ings this week go out to Tom Mad­sen, Nor­man Chris­tensen, Janet Reimer (n. Ras­mussen) and Kirstin Palle­sen, best wishes to all.

When­ever you pause to check your moral com­pass, keep this in mind: “Do­ing the right thing, es­pe­cially when no one is watch­ing, is called in­tegrity.”

You may con­tinue to call Ger­ald Ras­mussen with your news items or, e-mail to ger­mar70@magtech.ca.

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