NDP short on giv­ing good govern­ment

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We have al­ways said “we want good govern­ment and don’t care who gives it to us”.

Rachel and Com­pany have once again opted for pop­u­lar­ity, rather than well thought out pro­grams for all Al­ber­tans.

We are speak­ing of the NDP plan to cut school fees paid by par­ents to the schools an­nu­ally for fees not cov­ered al­ready, like sup­plies, lunch su­per­vi­sion fees, or ex­tra ac­tiv­i­ties. While par­ents with chil­dren in the sys­tem are shout­ing “Ya­hoo!”, oth­ers, ei­ther home­own­ers or those rent­ing, are not so happy. This lat­est gaffe by the NDP will ul­ti­mately cost prop­erty tax­pay­ers and renters more, be­cause the short­fall will be passed on to them on the school req­ui­si­tion por­tion of Al­ber­tan’s prop­erty taxes.

Re­mem­ber, gov­ern­ments have no money, peo­ple have money. The only way that gov­ern­ments get money is through tax­a­tion in its var­i­ous forms. By re­duc­ing the school fees, Rachel and Com­pany look good in the eyes of vot­ers, but sim­ply pass on the bur­den of these school fees to ALL Al­ber­tans. It is typ­i­cal of a govern­ment that is grasp­ing at straws to stay in power, by buy­ing votes with the aver­age tax­payer’s own money. If you are an aver­age tax­payer read­ing this, you should be up­set.

We were equally up­set with the for­mer PC govern­ment that elim­i­nated health care pre­mi­ums some years back, put­ting a 1 Bil­lion dol­lar bur­den back into the health care bud­get. This was a dif­fer­ent form of tax­a­tion, but one geared to make good guys out of the govern­ment of the day. They too, thought that it would be a good way to curry voter favour. Prob­a­bly the ad­min­is­tra­tive night­mare caused by de­posit­ing 1 bil­lion dol­lars into the bank was too much of a headache. How­ever, it did make vot­ers think they were car­ry­ing some of the health care cost bur­den.

Please don’t be fooled by this mea­sure. Gov­ern­ments who take voter in­tel­li­gence for granted do not stay in power. Just ask the PC’s.

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