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What started out as a pure hobby has now be­come a nat­u­ral part of Jeff Ras­mussen and his team’s life. Out­door en­thu­si­ast Jeff Ras­mussen poses for a por­trait on his prop­erty near Delia Al­berta, on Mon­day, April 3. Ras­mussen is the founder of Fair­chase Out­door Chron­i­cles, a team who videographs their hunts and sends it into WildTV as part of the TV show Cana­dian Syn­di­cate.

Fair­chase Out­door Chron­i­cles was founded by Ras­mussen a few years after a com­mer­cial had ap­peared on the na­tional tele­vi­sion chan­nel WildTV.

One of the shows fea­tured on the paid chan­nel was in need of ex­tra footage and asked for avid hunters to sub­mit their hunts to com­plete the sea­son.

“[...] it turned out my tim­ing was kind of im­pec­ca­ble be­cause I thought that it was like com­ing for­ward [sea­son],” said Ras­mussen.

“We ended up hav­ing two full episodes just of our stuff.” Since the first cou­ple episodes have aired, Ras­mussen has been able to build a strong re­la­tion­ship with the chan­nel via texts and emails.

They are lo­cated in the state of Maine.

He has also learned a few tricks of the trade in­clud­ing video, edit­ing, and com­men­tary as well get an in­stinct as to what to shoot video of be­fore and after each hunt.

“It was a mad dash scram­ble to get things set up,” said Ras­mussen.

Ras­mussen has put in a fair amount of time and en­ergy into each video so he felt that reg­is­ter­ing a new name would so­lid­ify the team and cre­ate rev­enue through spon­sors.

“This WildTV is not like the glam­our of a real TV show where you get paid and every­thing,” said Ras­mussen.

“The only way you make any money is if you get spon­sor­ship.”

His team con­sists of fam­ily and close friends.

“Most of my stuff is ac­tu­ally me fol­low­ing around my friends and fam­ily.”

“I’m al­ways the one run­ning the cam­era, talk­ing.

When Ras­mussen first started send­ing in footage, the team name was called Fair Chase Ad­ven­tures but after fur­ther re­search dis­cov­ered the name was al­ready regis- his tered in B.C.

In­stead, they de­cided to go with the new name of Fair­chase Out­door Chron­i­cles and start talk­ing to spon­sors.

Ras­mussen is now in the process of sub­mit­ting video for the new third sea­son where the chan­nel will then take the video and do fi­nal edit­ing.

“I was wor­ried last year be­cause I don’t re­ally know them and some of those other shows have a dif­fer­ent style.”

Ras­mussen likes to hunt for sport oc­ca­sion­ally but prefers to get meat for his fam­ily of six. If he can’t find a large an­i­mal by the end of the sea­son, he will get a lit­tle buck for the freezer.

“I do like to have a nice big buck or tro­phy an­i­mal but first and fore­most we’re meat hunt- ers.”

“We have four teenage boys and go through a pile of mostly wild meat.”

As well as a pas­sion guns, Ras­mussen also bows to keep him busy.

He typ­i­cally hunts mule or white­tail deer but has also hunted moose, bear, an­te­lope, elk, and birds like geese or grouse.

“I don’t like the kill. I’m an an­i­mal lover but I re­ally en­joy the chase.”

Ras­mussen is a bi­ol­o­gist by trade, fur­ther nur­tur­ing his pas­sion since a young age.

“I was six years old when I got the Ranger Rick mag­a­zine,” said Ras­mussen.

“That’s what I wanted to be when I grew up was Ranger Rick so it just kind of de­vel­oped that way.”

He feels that hard­core hunt- for has ers only fo­cus on get­ting the tro­phy an­i­mal and noth­ing else mat­ters.

“I’d rather sit back, take a nice calm ap­proach than have the rodeo guys chas­ing deer through us­ing pickup trucks.”

The Fair­chase Out­door Chron­i­cles team has plans to ex­pand their so­cial media plat­forms by adding YouTube as an as­set.

Through YouTube, Ras­mussen can share th­ese strictly hunt­ing ori­ented videos with fam­ily and friends who do not nec­es­sar­ily have the WildTV chan­nel at home.

“It’s a good way I can share my pas­sion with peo­ple with­out hav­ing ev­ery­one to come over and sit around my lap­top,” said Ras­mussen.

“This is my chron­i­cles.”

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