Con­ser­va­tives Choose a New Leader

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On Satur­day May 27, Canada will have a new leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Of­fi­cial Op­po­si­tion and leader of the Con­ser­va­tive Party of Canada. There are 13 can­di­dates in the race for the lead­er­ship and Cana­di­ans have had the op­por­tu­nity to get to know them.

The Lead­er­ship Con­ven­tion in Toronto is an­other sig­nif­i­cant turn­ing point in the his­tory of the Con­ser­va­tive Party of Canada. Our poli­cies were suc­cess­fully im­ple­mented from 2006 to 2011 by the Right Hon. Stephen Harper. He was one of the key ar­chi­tects of the ‘unite the right’ move­ment that amal­ga­mated the for­mer Cana­dian Al­liance and Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive par­ties re­sult­ing in the de­feat of the Lib­eral gov­ern­ment (1993-2005).

Con­ser­va­tives know that Job #1 for our new leader is to build on our Of­fi­cial Op­po­si­tion role as “the gov­ern­ment in­wait­ing” and again form gov­ern­ment af­ter the next fed­eral elec­tion.

The Right Hon. John Diefen­baker said, “If Par­lia­ment is to be pre­served as a liv­ing in­sti­tu­tion His Majesty’s” (or as we know now “Her”), “Loyal Op­po­si­tion must fear­lessly per­form its func­tions. When it prop­erly dis­charges them the preser­va­tion of our free­dom is as­sured....It must be vig­i­lant against op­pres­sion and un­just in­va­sions by the Cab­i­net of the rights of the peo­ple....It finds fault; it sug­gests amend­ments; it asks ques­tions and elic­its in­for­ma­tion; it arouses, ed­u­cates and molds pub­lic opin­ion by voice and vote. It must scru­ti­nize ev­ery ac­tion by the gov­ern­ment and in do­ing so pre­vents the short-cuts through demo­cratic pro­ce­dure that gov­ern­ments like to make.”

Fu­ture Par­lia­ments will have a mas­sive pub­lic-debt load to man­age. The chal­lenge will be to con­tinue to pro­vide the pro­grams and ser­vices Cana­di­ans value while pay­ing the high-cost of in­ter­est pay­ments on the na­tional debt. As well, Canada will be try­ing to keep up with the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity and main­tain our tra­di­tion­ally strong po­si­tion in world af­fairs.

It will be dif­fi­cult to grow fed­eral pro­grams and pro­vide new ones to ad­dress the needs of fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. It will be even more dif­fi­cult to re­duce the prin­ci­ple amount of money that has been bor­rowed and thereby re­duce in­ter­est pay­ments that will freeup tax dol­lars to fi­nance fu­ture en­deav­ours that Cana­di­ans will want the fed­eral gov­ern­ment to per­form.

Yet, Canada’s po­lit­i­cal past has al­ways seen the Cana­dian elec­torate turn to the Con­ser­va­tives to re­place a Lib­eral gov­ern­ment. In the 2019 elec­tion, the Con­ser­va­tive Party of Canada will be ready with a new leader to of­fer Cana­di­ans fis­cal and so­cial poli­cies that will lead Canada back to pros­per­ity and a bright fu­ture.

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