Fire­fight­ers bat­tle mo­torhome blaze

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If it weren’t for the quick think­ing of the owner of a mo­torhome that burst into flames the da­m­ages could have been much worse.

Wt about 9:Th” q.m. on Durs­daJB June fi9 the Drumg heller 1ire De­qart­ment and the 0osedale Call were called to a 2re at Pin­ters ,amqg ground.

1ire ,hief Fruce Wade saJs that while the 2re is still ung der in­ves­ti­ga­tionB it is not susqi­cious and aqqears it was a me­chan­i­cal is­sue.

“It looks like it had to do with the fridge. Ce qulled into the site and qut qower to the unitB and no­tice’s a 2re around the vent of the furg naceB” said Wade.

De owner of the mog torhome made sure his wife and Joung child were out of harm’s waJB and then quickg lJ drove the unit out of the camqsite sur­rounded bJ trees and bushes.

“Dat was re­allJ good on his qartB” said Wade. “De da­m­ages were yust to the mog torhome unit.”

The Drumheller Fire Depart­ment and Rosedale Hall worked to­gether to put out a mo­torhome fire at Pa­trick Ko­lafa Pin­ters Camp­ground on Thurs­day, June 29.

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