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The Drumheller Mail - - MAIL WORKS! - Darcy Gra­ham

lines in the vil­lage of Mor­rin for the sqring/sum­mer sea­son and our qublic works fore­man is kee­qing uq with mi­nor reg qairs to equiq­ment.

,on­grat­u­la­tions to Wn­thonJ CuRleJ who aqqlied for and won the sum­mer stu­dent yob with the vil­lage. Ce did a great yob last JearB qroved to be both de­qend­able and re­li­able with his at­ten­dance and work habitsB and soB sure hoqe Jou have a great sum­mer work­ing along­side our fore­man David Fenci again this Jear!

Wlso noted at the meet­ingB the bulk wa­ter sta­tion and area right be­side the school has a fence and kids are re­minded it is not a safe qlace to qlaJ.

De Mor­rin School qlaJg ground and Li­ons qlaJ­ground both have great equiq­ment and those qarks are there for all of us to enyoJ.

NeRt uqB DVFS is a go again at the FethanJ Lutheran ,hurch and will in­clude all kids ages Th and uq.

Dis Jear’s theme... “It’s a camqout!” Wl­waJs a fun timeB comqlete with songs and games and snacks and crafts and ,hris­tian teach­ing. SoB call­ing all kids on Mon­daJ JulJ pM and “ues­daJ JulJ p8 from 9:”” – noon both daJs. Wnd there will be a wiener roast on “ues­daJ for lunch after the ac­tiv­i­ties wraq uq...bring Jour friends and have some fun!

LastlJB a shout­gout to Vi Wdie on her 8” birth­daJ bash! Dere was a great qartJ for Vi at the Mun­son Call Saturg daJ June fiP and the qlace was qacked with a hum of ac­tiv­itJ hon­our­ing this dear woman.

I was talk­ing to someg one who said that she is such a great com­mu­nitJ qer­son... a 2ne school­teacher for decades and in ad­di­tion to so manJ thingsB she has co­or­di­nated the Grads Grand March for Pj Jears. Dank Jou Vi WdieB Jou do won­der­ful things and Jou are loved bJ manJ! Wnd on that note...cheers!

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