Car­bon boy Cole Goo­d­ine com­petes against best of the best

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Com­pet­ing in the Bare­back cat­e­gory of the Cal­gary Stam­pede, Car­bon boy Cole Goo­d­ine com­petes against the best of the best.

Rid­ing from July 7 to July 10 in the ‘A’ pool, Goo­d­ine was able to squeeze $3,000 out of the event.

Within the sport of Bare­back rid­ing, con­trol and flare are a cow­boy’s two favourite as­sets.

“The way to get the best marks is to show con­trol but ex­po­sure while you’re still in con­trol. So the longer the spurs stroke, the more wild it looks while you main­tain con­trol,” ex­plained Goo­d­ine.

Goo­d­ine split his win­nings three out of the four days. On the fi­nal day, he was able to take a de­cent amount of pay for his re-ride.

“The money got split up a lot, I never got one full cheque for my­self.”

Ini­tially Goo­d­ine started team rop­ing and calf rop­ing be­fore dis­cov­er­ing his love for bare­back rid­ing.

Goo­d­ine got into the sport af­ter he and a buddy tried it on a dare. Af­ter that, there was no go­ing back.

“I was hooked as soon as I got thrown through the air,” said Goo­d­ine. Rodeo runs in the fam­ily.

“My dad was a bull rider and my mom was a bar­rel racer and my grandpa was a bare­back rider and my other grandpa was a calf roper”.

“My mom lit­er­ally planned me and my sis­ters’ births so that she could still bar­rel race and not miss out on any­thing,” said Goo­d­ine. “I was born in the sad­dle.”

As of this past w e ek , three gen­er­a­tions of Goo­d­ine’s have now par­tic­i­pated in S t am - pede. “Un­real, it’s pretty ex­cit­ing . It’s al­ways been a dream just to have my dad there with me.” Goo­d­ine got him­self into ‘ a bit of a wreck’ on the last day.

“The horse came down on me and then once I got out of it, I got of­fered a re-ride and I was about to get on the reride when my dad was wait­ing there be­hind the chutes to help me out – make sure I was okay.”

He rode the re-ride with ease, earn­ing him­self a cheque. This is Goo­d­ine’s first year fully com­mit­ted to the sport af­ter be­ing laid-off from work. “I thought I might as well go for it.”

This year he has been fight­ing with a num­ber of mi­nor to se­ri­ous in­juries due to the sport. He has a disk in his back as well as hip, rib prob­lems, thumb dis­lo­ca­tion, a bone was put out in his foot.

Goo­d­ine was ranked #1 in Canada last year un­til the end. He con­tin­u­ally pushes him­self to do bet­ter to com­pete with the best , year in and year out.

“I typ­i­cally train three to four hours a day, five to six days a week. I try to stay healthy and strong enough to com­pete with the best in the world. We’re all push­ing harder and harder to be bet­ter and bet­ter and push­ing the hu­man lim­its. In or­der to com­pete against the best, you have to push that a lit­tle bit more all the time,” said Goo­d­ine.

When asked how it felt to com­pete on the world stage, Goo­d­ine smiled and fer­vently said “There’s not re­ally words to de­scribe it. It’s un­real to just be in the same cat­e­gory that they are.”

Out of the four draws for horses, two were great, and two not so much.

“There were two that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.”

The first day, he got a horse that was dif­fi­cult to ride but was able to re­gain him­self on the next two.

“So I got a cou­ple horses that re­ally suited me and a cou­ple horses that did not but I man­aged to fight through it and I’m re­ally proud of my­self for that.”

De­spite the mul­ti­ple in­juries, Goo­d­ine has much more fight left in him for the rest of the rodeo sea­son ahead.

“There’s a lot of rodeo left and I’m feel­ing foxy.”

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Goo­d­ine hangs on for dear life at a rodeo com­pe­ti­tion from ear­lier this year

Car­bon lo­cal Cole Goo­d­ine takes a breather af­ter two rides at the Cal­gary Stam­pede on July 10, 2017.

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