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It was an­other suc­cess­ful show for the Rum­sey Red Deer River Gar­den Club as the en­tries ar­rived early Wed­nes­day morn­ing to fill the hall with beauty and bounty. There were 437 en­tries across the en­tire show with 21 adults and 11 ju­niors bring­ing items to the show. The judges went out to judge 5 ju­nior’s gar­den plots in the com­mu­nity with Ash­ley McNaughton’s gar­den win­ning first prize. The judges all agreed that it came down to wa­ter­ing, wa­ter­ing and more wa­ter­ing as was ob­vi­ous in all the en­tries. In past years, there was a large col­lec­tion of glad­i­o­lus brought from Lorne McArthur’s gar­den from Red Deer area but he had been struck with a hail storm ear­lier in the sea­son. He was able to bring other items that had re­cov­ered which added to the show nicely. Con­sid­er­ing the drought we have ex­pe­ri­enced this sum­mer, the club mem­bers were happy to an­nounce that the ju­nior par­tic­i­pants in­creased by al­most dou­ble and the adult par­tic­i­pants also in­creased by a few.

I will only list the Ag­gre­gate (to­tal point ac­cu­mu­la­tion in each cat­e­gory) win­ners as there were many cat­e­gories and many great prizes given out by gen­er­ous com­mu­nity peo­ple and busi­nesses. The gar­den club would like to thank all of the do­na­tors for con­tin­u­ing to spon­sor all th­ese prizes. In the Ju­niors, the Veg­etable Ag­gre­gate ages 6 – 10 years was won by Brody Nyerod McKay. The Ju­nior Bak­ing Ag­gre­gate ages 6 – 10 years was won by Aliyah Mar­tyne. In the 11 – 15 years sec­tion, the Veg­etable Ag­gre­gate and the Bak­ing Ag­gre­gate prizes were won by Ca­dynce Rich­mond. The over­all Ju­nior Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Ca­dynce Rich­mond for most points ac­cu­mu­lated in ev­ery cat­e­gory; sec­ond prize went to Brody Nyerod McKay.

In the Adult sec­tion of the show, there were many beau­ti­ful ar­range­ments, in­di­vid­ual flower en­tries, bak­ing en­tries and veg­etable en­tries. The Glad­i­o­lus Ag­gre­gate was won by Eileen Grant with the novice Glad­i­o­lus Ag­gre­gate prize go­ing to Dianna McBride. The Dahlia Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Lorne McArthur with the best sin­gle Dahlia prize go­ing to Deb­bie Hatt. The Be­go­nia Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Betty Pen­nock and the Rose Ag­gre­gate prize went to Doreen Map­pin. The Pot­ted Plant Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Jill Brodie and the Flower Ar­range­ment Ag­gre­gate prize was won by Denise Daniels. The Cut Flower Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Dianna McBride with the Fruit Ag­gre­gate award go­ing to Doreen Map­pin. In the Bak­ing cat­e­gory, there was some de­li­cious look­ing desserts and good­ies with the first prize go­ing to Mary New­ton and sec­ond go­ing to Eleanor Rich­mond. The Spe­cial Bak­ing cat­e­gory is al­ways in­ter­est­ing be­cause ev­ery year the gar­den club de­cide on a recipe to add to the gar­den club book then every­one has the same op­por­tu­nity to bake this recipe and en­ter their results but each and ev­ery en­try turns out a lit­tle dif­fer­ent or some­times a lot dif­fer­ent. The win­ner of this cat­e­gory was Eleanor Rich­mond with sec­ond prize go­ing to Dianna McBride. Over­all the Adult Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Lorne McArthur with sec­ond prize go­ing to Doreen Map­pin. Veg­etable Ag­gre­gate win­ner was Ken Jensen and “Most En­tries in the Show” was won by Lorne McArthur. The gar­den club would like to send out a big thank you to all the par­tic­i­pants who put in a lot of ef­fort to bring their en­tries to the show from far and wide, stay the day in our lit­tle ham­let and then gather ev­ery­thing up late in the evening to head home. Be­cause of their ef­forts, we had close to a hun­dred peo­ple walk through the show and join in the sup­per. We are very proud of our long run­ning show and the suc­cess it con­tin­ues to be. It wouldn’t be that way if peo­ple didn’t con­tinue to sup­port it by gath­er­ing, ar­rang­ing and sub­mit­ting their hard-worked ef­forts.

Happy Har­vest­ing, one, have a safe week. ev­ery-

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