RCMP ring the bell on back to school traf­fic safety

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Septem­ber means that school is back in ses­sion. In a mat­ter of days, stu­dents across the province will be walk­ing, bi­cy­cling, bussing and even driv­ing their way back to the class­room. Larger traf­fic vol­ume is also ex­pected with peo­ple home from their hol­i­days and pub­lic tran­sit and school buses op­er­at­ing their reg­u­lar routes.

The Al­berta RCMP re­minds every­one that road safety is a shared re­spon­si­bil­ity. Do your part this back to school sea­son to make sure stu­dents and adults get to school and work with­out a scratch.

As stu­dents head back to the class­room, keep th­ese safety tips in mind.

It’s back to school and school zones are in ef­fect. The speed limit within school zones is 30 km/hr. Driv­ers should fa­mil­iar­ize them­selves with the spe­cific times dur­ing the school day when the school zones in their area are in ef­fect.

Driv­ers should re­mem­ber to slow down in school zones and be par­tic­u­larly alert for stu­dents dur­ing school hours, es­pe­cially when drop­ping off and pick­ing up chil­dren from school.

When a school bus ac­ti­vates its al­ter­nately flash­ing red lights, it is sig­nal­ing that it is go­ing to stop. Driv­ers must stop too. It is il­le­gal to pass a stopped school bus as long as its red lights re­main ac­ti­vated.

Driv­ers should watch for stu­dents at cross­walks and obey the sig­nals of cross­ing guards and traf­fic con­trol de­vices.

Driver dis­trac­tion is a ma­jor fac­tor in all col­li­sions. Put away elec­tronic de­vices, bev­er­ages and food while driv­ing. Avoid dis­tracted driv­ing and fo­cus on the road and traf­fic.

Be on the look­out for chil­dren and stu­dents walk­ing to school as you pull out or back out of your garage and drive­way.

If wait­ing for a school bus, stand in an area which is safe, well-lit and away from the road.

If walk­ing to school, walk on the side walk and cross roads and streets at marked cross­walks and con­trolled in­ter­sec­tions.

If there are not any side­walks, walk on the left-hand side of the road, fac­ing on­com­ing traf­fic and stay­ing as far away from traf­fic as pos­si­ble.

Stay alert when cross­ing the street and watch for traf­fic, even if you have the right of way.

In the dim early morn­ing hours or on dark evenings, wear brightly-coloured cloth­ing, a re­flec­tive arm band or cloth­ing with re­flec­tive strips which will help you to be seen by mo­torists.

If rid­ing a skate­board, scooter or roller-blad­ing to school, en­sure that you are wear­ing your safety gear. In Al­berta, youth un­der the age of 18 years, must wear a hel­met when rid­ing a bi­cy­cle at all times.

Don’t be a dis­tracted pedes­trian. Lis­ten­ing to loud mu­sic on head­phones or tex­ting on a smart­phone while walk­ing may make you less aware of the traf­fic dan­gers around you.

Show your child a safe route by which to walk to and from school. Make sure they know how to use safely a cross­walk and obey all traf­fic con­trol de­vices and cross­ing guards.

Dis­cour­age your child from tak­ing short­cuts through park­ing lots or jay­walk­ing to and from school.

If wait­ing for a school bus, en­sure your child is aware of the traf­fic haz­ards which may be present near the bus stop. Show them a safe place where they may wait to catch the bus.

In­struct your child never to run af­ter a school bus in an ef­fort to catch it as nei­ther the bus driver nor other mo­torists may see them on the road.

As a pedes­trian, do not al­ways as­sume that you have the right of way.

If you de­cide to meet your child at the bus stop af­ter school, wait at the bus stop it­self: not across the street from it. Chil­dren may for­get traf­fic safety rules in their ex­cite­ment to see you af­ter their school day and dash across the street.

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