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On Tues­day, Septem­ber 5 at our bi-monthly birth­day party, our c en­tre w as a b ee­hive of ac­tiv­ity w ith 50 p eo­ple in a tten­dance. Graig West, his wife and twin daugh­ters en­ter­tain­ment Graig pla yed the v iolin, his w ife played t he pi­ano. H e has been blind since birth, but has made his t alent for mu­sic a r eal suc cess. The g irls did a f ew d an­ces and our mem­bers wer e up danc ing t o t he toe t ap­ping m usic. H ope you come back again.

Ge­orge Ce ls w as t he M.C . and in tro­duced t he 13 bir th­day g uests, Je ssie I vion w as at t he do or. Shir ley Hame lin won the door prize. Cake and ice cr eam w as s erved. A big thanks goes out to all the vol­un­teers for serv­ing and clean­ing up.

Elsie Humphrey and daugh­ter Elaine from Olds came to the party. Elsie has been a long time memb er. It w as go od t o see you again Elsie.

Get we ll w ishes go out t o Aileen Eno and Con­rad Smith who ar e in t he Dr umheller Hos­pi­tal. We wish you b oth a speedy re­cov­ery.

Bowl­ing ha s st arted w ith sev­eral of our memb ers in the Sr. L eague. H ope you ha ve a good year.

The Pione er Singers b egun prac­tice on S eptem­ber 7 w ith Ge­orge Ce ls c on­duct­ing and Joanne Moul­ton at the pi­ano. I am sure the Sun­shine L odge and Hillv iew L odge ar e lo ok­ing f or­ward t o he ar­ing your voices again.

We have lots of nic e dishes, books and pu zzles f or sale. Come in f or a c of­fee and browse around. Every­one and all age s are wel­come to come in. Who knows, you might just find t hat one t hing you ha ve been look­ing for for years.

Sharel Shoff, who is run­ning for Ma yor of Dr umheller, is com­ing on Thurs­day, Septem­ber 14 t o sp eak and ans wer your que stions. She w ill b e here at 1:30 p.m.

On S atur­day, S eptem­ber 16 we will be closed all day as we are hav­ing the floors cleaned.

Re­mem­ber, we alw ays ne ed spare ho stesses and ho sts t o work half days.

We also need some­one to re­port the ne ws for The Dr umheller Mail.

You will never FIND time for any­thing. If you want time, you must make it.

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