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I he ar t hat St ephanie H ol­men did a fine j ob in ar rang­ing t he “Grinch Tree” evening which was held at the hall on t he evening of Novem­ber 28, w ith mor e t han thirty ladie s a ttend­ing. B es­ides cre­at­ing t heir Chr ist­mas craf t projects they had time f or plenty of f un and s ocial­iz­ing. The hall has b een put t o go od us e over the p ast ye ar w ith me et­ings, s ocial ac tiv­i­ties and f am­ily e vents amount­ing t o an a ve­r­age of just over two book­ings each month.

Aside f rom t he f act t hat s ev­eral D alum b oys ha ve suc cess­fully p ar­tic­i­pated t hrough­out the his­tory of t he Ti­tans foot­ball pro­gram I have also had an in­ter­est in r eport­ing t he ac tiv­i­ties of the se­nior team be­cause my son, Ja­son, ha s c oached in v ar­i­ous ca­pac­i­ties for the p ast s even­teen years and he re­ports that all three teams he ld t heir ye ar-end b an­quet and a wards c el­e­bra­tion a t the Bad­lands Com­mu­nity Fa­cil­ity in Drumheller last Sun­day.

The event was at­tended by t he Pee Wee Ter­rap­ins, t he B an­tam Ti­tans and t he S enior T itans whose c om­bined n um­bers r ep­re­sent over one h un­dred pla yers and ne arly twen ty c oach­ing and sup­port st aff. O ur D alum mem­bers of the se­nior team were rec­og­nized f or t heir achie ve­ments with Eric Jensen be­ing pre­sented with an All Star medal and Ethan Dun­calf b eing name d t he off en­sive player of t he ye ar a s well a s be­ing pre­sented with an All St ar medal and an A ca­demic Ath­letic Award for achiev­ing greater than an eighty p er cent g rade av­er­age while p ar­tic­i­pat­ing in a sp orts pro­gram. W Ethan.

With t he mon th of D ecem­ber now upon us there are sev­eral up­com­ing e vents t o b e not ed. The an­nual T ree of H ope c er­e­mony will take place at the Drumheller Health Care Cen­tre at 3:00 p.m., Sun­day, D ecem­ber 10, w ith ac - tiv­i­ties lo cated b eyond t he main en­try in the large foyer and those wish­ing t o supp ort and p ar­tic­i­pate in t he e vent ma y sp on­sor pink or t eal col­ored bulbs which dec­o­rate a Christmas tree lo­cated near the hair­dress­ing sa­lon at the fa­cil­ity. F or mor e inf or­ma­tion you may c all L inda Ame s of t he Drumheller Ar ea H ealth C are Foun­da­tion at 403-820-7860.

The D alum Comm unity Hall As­so­ci­a­tion w ill b e ho sting a com­mu­nity so­cial e ven­ing at the hall on S atur­day, D ecem­ber 16, begin­ning at about 3:00 p.m.

Those a ttend­ing t he supp er are re­minded that it w ill b e “pot luck” and that a va­ri­ety of snacks and re­fresh­ments pro­vided by the Hall A sso­ci­a­tion. Ther e w ill b e ac­tiv­i­ties for both the adults and the chil­dren at the fam­ily friendly ell done, Er ic and af­fair w ith a mov ie and p op­corn up­stairs f or t he young sters, and the old­sters, too.

On Sun­day, De­cem­ber 17, there will b e a Chr ist­mas pr ogram in­cluded in the church ser­vice with a p ot luck lunch t o f ol­low and there will be the reg­u­larly sched­uled Sun­day mor ning s er­vice on De­cem­ber 24, with the tra­di­tional can­dle light ser­vice at the Beth­le­hem Lutheran Church begin­ning at 5:00 p.m. that evening.

Happy Bir th­day g reet­ings t his week go t o B arb Ro sgen (n. An­der­sen), Mike Oster­gard, Colleen Ryan (n. T urner), St acey Turner, and to Ralph Jor­gensen who w as born on his mot her’s birth­day in 1936. Best wishes to all.

My lit tle dog D aisy is alw ays happy t o g reet v isi­tors and t he “Wag-O-Matic” is go od tes­ti­mony to an anony­mous quote which states: “One rea­son that dogs are so well liked is that they wag their tails, not their tongues”.

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