Rap­tors Hockey bat­tles through first half of sea­son

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Drumheller Mi­nor H ockey is at the mid­point of their sea­son and ho ckey pla yers from Tykes t o Midge ts ar e per­form­ing well on t he ic e. More im por­tantly, t hey ar e learn­ing and hav­ing fun.

The C analta Nov ice B Rap­tors ar e pla ying we ll in a bus y s ched­ule, and ha ve been in s ome high s cor­ing games. The y f ound suc cess ver­sus Oyen early in the sea­son.

Vir­tu­ally e very pla yer on the team has earned p oints for t he R ap­tors, A bram Sharpe is le ad­ing t he t eam with 27 goals and 31 points.

The McDon­alds Novice A Rap­tors are also do­ing we ll, sport­ing a 5-1-1 r ecord, find­ing v ic­to­ries ver­sus Olds, C ar­stairs, Co chrane, and Did sbury. Maddu x Pears is le ad­ing t he t eam with 27 goals and six as­sists for 33 points.

The Encana Atom B R ap­tors are play­ing well. So far this s ea­son they have a 6-3 record and ha ve won t heir last four games. They earned wins ver­sus Knee­hill, Rock­y­ford, Cr emona, Old s, and Dids­bury.

Tyson Chamb ers is le ad­ing the team with 22 p oints and Ka yden Bitz and Reid Mac­far­lane e ach ha ve 16 points. Ev­ery player on the ros­ter has con­trib­uted points.

The Y avis A tom A R ap­tors ar e als o hav­ing a g reat sea­son w ith a 6-0-1 r ecord with out stand­ing go al­tend­ing from Bran­don W il­liams with a 2.43 goals against av­er­age. Chase Mackey has 20 goals and 11 a ssists, Pax­ton Ol­son had 12 goals and seven as­sists and Ryan Schrock had s even go al and 11 a ssists. Ev­ery pla yer ha s c on­tributed points.

The Hi- Way 9 P ee­wee B Rap­tors ha ve a 5-2 r ecord with wins over Syl­van Lake, In­n­is­fail, and St et­tler. Co dy Hunt is le ad­ing t he t eam with 12 go als and five a ssists. Terry Martin has nine goals and t hree a ssists and Seth Walker had seven goals and five as­sists.

The NGC Pee­wee A R ap­tors ar e b at­tling in a t ough Di­vi­sion, but ha ve not ched a w in over Hanna . T an­ner Moul­ton is lead­ing the team with four goals and four as­sists, and K erric Chamb ers has six goals and one as­sist.

The B os­ton Pi zza W es­tern Che v B an­tam R ap­tors are sport­ing a win­ning 3-2-1 record and are get­ting a bal­anced a ttack w ith all pla yers e arn­ing p oints. T yler Boyko leads the way with six goals and four as­sists for 10 points, James Zuc catto and Kyle Gri­d­ley both have four goals and five as­sists. The Mas­tel Trans­port Midget Rap­tors are hav­ing a very suc­cess­ful s ea­son with a 5-2-1 r ecord. The y ha ve wins over O yen, Kne ehill, Del­burne, and 3Cs , (Consort, C as­tor Cor ona­tion). Ryan H ems ha s nine go als and t hree a ssists and T yler Car­domone has seven goals and five as­sists.

Drumheller Mi­nor Hockey has worked hard through the first half of the sea­son with some pos­i­tive re­sults.

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