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t’s about the money; it’s about the re­la­tion­ship. It’s about the sex, the hid­den agenda, the scan­dal, the ad­dic­tion, the big turn­around. Venus in Scor­pio sta­tions ret­ro­grade on Fri­day at 12:05 p.m. Back­ing into Li­bra on Oc­to­ber 31, Venus will con­tinue in ret­ro­grade mo­tion through Novem­ber 16. This ret­ro­grade cy­cle hap­pens only once every 18 months. Hold­ing sig­nif­i­cance for all, the tran­sit is of es­pe­cially high (per­haps life-al­ter­ing) im­pact if it hits your chart di­rectly.

Venus ret­ro­grade is an ex­posin­gand-strip-it-away tran­sit. Peel­ing it back layer by layer, Venus aims to drill right into the core of the is­sue, ob­ses­sion, or mo­ti­va­tion. Therein lies the power source. Does it em­power and sup­port growth, or is it an un­der­min­ing and de­struc­tive force?

All ret­ro­grade tran­sits set up re­live and re­view. Venus ret­ro­grade, the net-worth, self-worth planet, prompts an im­por­tant reeval­u­a­tion process. To para­phrase Mick Jag­ger, you can’t al­ways get what you want, but like it or not, this go-deeper tran­sit puts us di­rectly in touch with what is most es­sen­tial to ad­dress, what is most needed for the soul’s evo­lu­tion (yours, mine, ours).

Venus ret­ro­grade is an in­ten­si­fied karmic call-it-forth tran­sit. It di­als up un­re­solved emo­tions and the un­fin­ished mat­ters of re­la­tion­ships. Key mat­ters up for re­view: trust, jeal­ousy, ma­nip­u­la­tion, be­trayal, aban­don­ment, code­pen­dency, en­mesh­ment. From this life or a past life, Venus ret­ro­grade will of­ten re­con­nect you to a lover or to some­thing or some­one of sig­nif­i­cant in­flu­ence. A sense of déjà vu or a com­pelling at­trac­tion is your clue that the re­call holds some­thing of great im­por­tance.

Happy Thanks­giv­ing!


March 20–April 19

Per­sonal in­vest­ments at all lev­els are up for a ma­jor re­view dur­ing Venus ret­ro­grade. How much do you trust your­self, an­other, or the way things are go­ing? Mer­cury in Scor­pio, start­ing Tues­day, sharp­ens your radar. Next Wed­nes­day is a big-re­veal day. Watch for some­one or some­thing un­ex­pected to trig­ger the ac­tion. Risk is in the mix. Act, don’t re­act. Be care­ful when driv­ing.


April 20–May 20

Trust can be a sore point when Venus trav­els ret­ro­grade. While the ten­dency is to feel cheated and to lay blame, soul-search­ing is in or­der. Have you un­der­mined your­self? What ex­pec­ta­tions have you held on to and are they re­al­is­tic? On the pos­i­tive, you could re­ceive em­pow­er­ing advice, en­cour­age­ment, or feed­back. Tues­day to Thurs­day, there’s no skirt­ing around it, no time to waste. Act.


May 21–June 21

Venus ret­ro­grade could see you on a health re­lapse or a con­fi­dence back­track. If so, know that you could lose ground ini­tially but the tran­sit ul­ti­mately serves to point you in the di­rec­tion of im­prove­ment and higher ground. Ren­o­va­tions, re­pairs, and loan re­newals are also apt for Venus ret­ro­grade. Tues­day/wed­nes­day can see you on a ma­jor break­through with some­one or some­thing.


June 21–July 22

What is best for you? What or who claims your heart? Venus ret­ro­grade, start­ing Fri­day, takes you through an in­ten­si­fied ques­tion­ing and soul-search­ing pe­riod. This karmic cy­cle can take you through an­other gor­ound with a lover or a key some­one. It can be a po­tent ges­ta­tional time for creative en­deav­our, ca­reer, health, and wealth-gen­er­at­ing, too. Tues­day/wed­nes­day, it hits/changes in a flash.


July 22–Au­gust 22

What’s driv­ing you? What’s go­ing on at home? With fam­ily? How

OC­TO­BER 4 TO 10, 2018

se­cure do you feel re­gard­ing your fi­nan­cial bot­tom lines or your emo­tional com­fort zone? Start­ing Fri­day, Venus ret­ro­grade in Scor­pio takes you on a deeper dive into your emo­tions, mo­ti­va­tions, safety, and se­cu­rity is­sues. Tues­day/wed­nes­day can crack it open or jet­ti­son you un­ex­pect­edly. Start a con­ver­sa­tion, ren­o­va­tion, new project, or new life.


Au­gust 22–Septem­ber 22 You could have a ma­jor change of mind or heart as Venus tours ret­ro­grade. A re­la­tion­ship mat­ter, cir­cum­stance, or con­ver­sa­tion you thought was a done deal could be up for fur­ther re­view. Tues­day/ Wed­nes­day, start a new job or project; dive into fresh tasks; test-drive the new. You make a sig­nif­i­cant break­through. Don’t take a risk on any­thing or any­one sus­pi­cious. Ac­ci­dents can hap­pen.


Septem­ber 22–Oc­to­ber 23 What is it worth to you? Should you stay the course? Do you feel trapped? Do you have what it takes? So many ques­tions; the an­swers will re­veal them­selves. You have more go­ing for you than you may re­al­ize. Venus chal­lenges you to find your in­ner strength and recom­mit to the im­prove­ment you want and need. Tues­day/wed­nes­day, the dial is set at high im­pact.


Oc­to­ber 23–Novem­ber 21 It’s re­group time! Venus be­gins ret­ro­grade in Scor­pio on Fri­day. The tran­sit al­lows you ex­tra time to fig­ure your­self out, to take a more hon­est look at what makes you tick. Ul­ti­mately, this strip­ping-away process will lead you right to the source of your power base. Tues­day through Thurs­day, ex­pect to find it, cut to the chase, and/or hit the ground run­ning.


Novem­ber 21–De­cem­ber 21 There’s more go­ing on than meets the eye. Per­haps you are aware, or per­haps el­e­ments are hid­den from you, too. Venus ret­ro­grade keeps it on brew but not in full view. Take time out to ob­serve, soul-search, and feel your way along. The tran­sit also keeps your radar on high alert re­gard­ing oth­ers. Tues­day/wed­nes­day puts you in the know, per­haps un­ex­pect­edly so.


De­cem­ber 21–Jan­uary 19 Im­por­tant de­ci­sions weigh on your mind. Venus ret­ro­grade can see you re­think a goal or plan, or raise more ques­tions about your fu­ture. It’s a good time to pull back from over­com­mit­ment, your so­cial life, a com­mu­nity or per­sonal in­volve­ment. Too, you could re­con­nect or re­sume with some­one im­por­tant. Tues­day/wed­nes­day sets big wheels/big change in mo­tion.


Jan­uary 20–Fe­bru­ary 18 Venus ret­ro­grade sets a whole new re­al­ity into place, per­haps sud­denly so, next Tues­day/wed­nes­day. There is no fence-sit­ting on this one. Off or on, a full com­mit­ment is re­quired. You could be chal­lenged by a le­gal mat­ter (a di­vorce), an author­ity fig­ure, the needs of a par­ent, or a money is­sue, or need to ex­ert your author­ity.


Fe­bru­ary 18–March 20 Where are you go­ing and how are you go­ing to get there? What does the fu­ture hold? The big­ger­pic­ture ques­tions can pre­oc­cupy you through the Venus ret­ro­grade cy­cle. Tues­day to Thurs­day takes the guess­work out of it. Watch for a break­through, news, sud­den in­spi­ra­tion, wind­fall op­por­tu­nity, or the un­ex­pected. Travel safe!

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