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ig news! Jupiter, the planet of in­crease and abun­dance, ad­vances into Sagit­tar­ius, its home sign, on Thurs­day. Get ready to wel­come more or to feel over­whelmed by it.

Spend­ing one year per sign, Jupiter tar­gets the same part of your chart ev­ery twelve years for sig­nif­i­cant growth.

On the happy-mak­ing side, this is a buoy­ant, op­ti­mistic, free­dom-lov­ing, and often gift­ing tran­sit. Al­ways up for an ad­ven­ture, Jupiter in Sagit­tar­ius is game for it and a plea­sure­seek­ing archetype.

On the what’s-it-all-about side, Jupiter has a feel that there must be more than this. It is in­tu­itive, truth-seek­ing, mov­ing be­yond, and fu­ture-bound. Jupiter’s ju­ris­dic­tion is the realm of be­liefs, philoso­phies, spec­u­la­tion, re­li­gion, spir­i­tu­al­ity, and meta­physics. I be­lieve, there­fore it is so. As an in­fla­tion­ary or ex­ag­ger­a­tion in­flu­ence, Jupiter can take the one thing and make it into the ev­ery­thing, take the one truth and make it the whole truth.

Jupiter on the move in­creases the hunt for more and bet­ter. Cre­ative po­ten­tial is in abun­dant sup­ply. Keep­ing the guess­work go­ing strong for most of the year ahead, the lengthy Jupiter/nep­tune tran­sit also puts knowl­edge, be­liefs, and faith to the test in a more sub­stan­tial way. A re­al­ity and a way of life are dis­solv­ing while the as-yet-un­known fu­ture gath­ers mo­men­tum.

Thurs­day/fri­day, the Sagit­tar­ius moon puts more news and peo­ple on the go. Sales and spec­u­la­tive mar­kets should see ro­bust ac­tion. Venus/mars make for good com­mu­ni­ca­tions and re­lat­ing: busi­ness, so­cial, or one-to-one. Apt for Re­mem­brance Day long week­end, the moon tours Capri­corn. Through Mon­day, pace your­self; aim to get it bet­ter or­ga­nized or un­der bet­ter con­trol. LEO

July 22–Au­gust 22

The heart grows richer; the bank ac­count can too. Jupiter in Sagit­tar­ius is one of your best hit-go, suc­cess-gen­er­at­ing, hap­py­mak­ing tran­sits. It’s ex­cel­lent for the per­former, ath­lete, artist, trav­eller, vi­sion­ary, lover, teacher, con­sul­tant, or en­tre­pre­neur. On a cau­tion­ary note, it is im­por­tant not to in­flate, overex­tend, overindulge, or ex­ag­ger­ate. Stand in your truth; speak from your heart; fol­low your in­tu­ition.


Au­gust 22–Septem­ber 22 Now or soon, you’ll hit an in­ner-life or per­sonal-life growth spurt. Of course, it is not en­tirely new. You have been work­ing your way to­ward this next phase for quite some time. Jupiter’s one-year tran­sit through Sagit­tar­ius can prompt a new home ad­dress or fam­ily life setup. Some­one of sig­nif­i­cance can move away or come to stay.

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