Keep­ing Bambi at bay

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Red pep­pers, gar­lic and eggs... Items that are regularly used in the kitchen can also be em­ployed in the great out­doors, to try to keep deer from con­sum­ing your trees and plants.

When it comes to keep­ing Bambi at bay, there are as many so­lu­tions are there are peo­ple.

A reader sub­mit­ted this recipe to dis­suade deer. 3 raw eggs 3 tbsp. of red hot sauce 3 tbsp. of gar­lic juice or minced Add enough wa­ter to a blender to process and mix well. Add this to a gallon of wa­ter and spray on plants.

There are sev­eral vari­a­tions of this mix.

Many of the most po­tent in­volve hot pep­pers and gar­lic. Scare Deer Re­pel­lent 1 yard of old sheet­ing, cot­ton, or muslin 1/4 cup blood­meal 1 cup of hair clip­pings Cut the fab­ric into small four­inch squares. Mix the blood­meal and hair to­gether and place about a ta­ble­spoon onto the cen- tre of each square. Bring up the ends and se­cure with a string or rub­ber band. Hang these lit­tle pack­ets from the branches of the trees and shrubs.

Also on the mar­ket are var­i­ous forms of elec­tronic noise-emit­ting de­vices.

You could try grow­ing deer­re­sis­tant plants.

The trou­ble is that the an­i­mals will eat al­most any­thing if they get hun­gry enough.

Deer re­pel­lents have lim­ited suc­cess.

There are two types. Area re­pel­lents are ap­plied on or near plants and re­pel by smell.

More ef­fec­tive are the con­tact re­pel­lents, which are ap­plied di­rectly onto plants.

All re­pel­lents should be ap­plied early in the sea­son be­fore deer get into the habit of vis­it­ing your yard.

Re­mem­ber that most of these con­coc­tions must be reap­plied through­out the grow­ing sea­son.

Can we all live to­gether?

On the other hand, re­sis­tance may be fu­tile.

Most gar­den­ers re­sign them­selves to shar­ing with fauna. Fenc­ing works, in most cases. Another ap­proach is to sac­ri­fice some growth, which acts as a de­coy while the rest of the un­touched gar­den flour­ishes.


CON­STANT HAZ­ARD: Area mo­torists are con­stantly faced with four-legged haz­ards. But the move­ments of wildlife, such as deer, are hard to pre­dict. There are sev­eral ways to try to dis­suade the cute an­i­mals from de­stroy­ing your gar­den.


PEREN­NIAL FAVOURITES: Gar­den­ers have a wide choice of plants to choose from, whether they are start­ing new plots or ex­pand­ing ex­ist­ing growth. Lupins are a colour­ful favourite. Once es­tab­lished, the plants will con­tinue to spread.

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