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conundrum on the in­ter­net per­plexed peo­ple all over the world try­ing to un­der­stand the op­ti­cal il­lu­sion on the week­end, stu­dents at a Glen­garry science fair ex­plored a dif­fer­ent vis­ually-in­trigu­ing chal­lenge.

Some École élé­men­taire catholique Elda- Rouleau stu­dents par­tic­i­pat­ing in the school’s science fair Mon­day ex­plored how a prism works to re­fract and split light to cre­ate the colours of a rain­bow.

Elda Rouleau stu­dents in grades 1 to 8 were com­pet­ing for an op­por­tu­nity to par­tic­i­pate in the April 10 and 11 Stor­mon­tDun­das- Glen­garry United Coun­ties Re­gional Science Fair in Corn­wall.

Judges gave stu­dents Emma Vi­dad and Melissa Sliepen­beek, both Gr. 6, high marks and a chance to take part in the Coun­ties Fair open to all schools in SD&G. Elda Rouleau will know this week if any of its stu­dents have been se­lected to take part in the com­pe­ti­tion.

Emma and Melissa used a white-light imag­ing box and ad­justed the amount of light they pro­jected onto a glass prism while doc­u­ment­ing their re­sults. The prism caused the light to change di­rec­tions and sep­a­rate to form a myr­iad of colours.

“I didn’t know how a rain­bow is made, you learn a lot of things,” said Melissa.

Grade 8 stu­dents Océanne Poirier- Joanette and Ari­anne Pilon sub­mit­ted a pro­ject ex­plor­ing the re­la­tion­ship be­tween sight and hear­ing. The team stud­ied the hear­ing of stu­dents in grades 5 to 8 and hy­poth­e­sized that older stu­dents tak­ing part in their study would have bet­ter re­sults than younger stu- dents. In the ex­per­i­ment par­tic­i­pants were asked to iden­tify the source of a sound while wear­ing a piece of fab­ric over their eyes to ob­struct their vi­sion. How­ever, the out­come showed stu­dents in Grade 7 had bet­ter re­sults than the Grade 8 stu­dents; the younger stu­dents were bet­ter able to iden­tify the source of the sound, in this case an iPod alarm.

Ari­anne said she ex­pected the Grade 8 stu­dents would have more re­fined hear­ing “be­cause they are more de­vel­oped” than the Grade 7 stu­dents, so she was sur­prised when her team’s ex­per­i­ment proved the op­po­site. She said she and team­mate were cu­ri­ous about the cor­re­la­tion be­tween age and lis­ten­ing skills.

Elda Rouleau stu­dents worked on close to 100 projects for their school fair this week. “We of­ten have sports and art ac­tiv­i­ties, so we wanted to pro­mote an­other learn­ing skill -- the sciences,” said Prin­ci­pal Pas­cale Des­jardins.

Young sci­en­tists are vy­ing for spots at re­gional science fair


REFRACTED LIGHT: Stu­dents Emma Vi­dad, left, and Melissa Sliepen­beek, both Gr. 6, test light and prisms at École élé­men­taire catholique Elda-Rouleau.

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