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The Glengarry News - - The Opinion Page - Wendy Davidson, Glen Robert­son

The Ed­i­tor, I am writ­ing this as an an­i­mal lover, and in this in­stance the stray cats (feral cats) of my area.

I have been feed­ing five to six stray cats that were born un­der my shed last win­ter.

I could never catch them so all I did was feed them, which I would con­tinue to do if it were not for one big prob­lem -- they are full of fleas.

My dogs go in and out of the house and are bring­ing the fleas back in the house with them. I also have one in­door cat of my own that I con­stantly have to treat for fleas.

I am buy­ing drops and col­lars and house sprays to try and rid them from the house – with no suc­cess. Ev­ery time my dogs go out they come into con­tact with the cats and bring the fleas back in again. Sum­mer is com­ing and it will only get worse.

I have checked for cat res­cue sites on the in­ter­net, there is noth­ing in Stor­mont-Dun­dasGlen­garry.

I tried to find out some in­for­ma­tion on what to do – some­one sug­gested that I con­tact the SPCA to find out if they have a trap, neuter, re­lease pro­gram.

What the pro­gram would in­volve is the fol­low­ing: trap­ping the cats, hav­ing them neutered, checked for med­i­cal prob­lems, treated for fleas and then re­leased back into my area. The idea would be that I would con­tinue to feed them and giv­ing them shel­ter out­side.

I checked with the Corn­wall

SPCA, who in­formed me they did have a pro­gram like that, but it had been dis­con­tin­ued, and even if it was still in ef­fect, it was for the Corn­wall area only. They sug­gested that I con­tact my town­ship or my local vet­eri­nary clinic. I phoned North Glen­garry Town­ship – they have ab­so­lutely noth­ing to do with cats – they deal with dogs only and

even that is limited. When I asked if they had any sug­ges­tion they said (more or less) it was my prob­lem. They could not or would not help in any way with the cats. They could have at least pre­tended to be help­ful about it. So next I tried the vet­eri­nary clinics, which did not know if there was such a pro­gram or know of any groups who would deal with this type of prob­lem. I was told to call the town­ship; that this would be in line with what we pay our taxes for. I ex­plain that I had al­ready called the town­ship, re­ceiv­ing a very

neg­a­tive re­ply with re­gards to cats.

It was sug­gested I start a pe­ti­tion – which would be all fine and good - but would not help the im­me­di­ate prob­lem. Sum­mer is com­ing – fleas are com­ing, also more kit­tens are be­ing born, and the cy­cle goes on.

I have ex­hausted all my op­tions in On­tario. I have con­tacted the OSPCA re­gard­ing the pro­gram they of­fer for TNR, but again there is noth­ing avail­able for our area (SDG).

It has been sug­gested that I try and trap them and bring them to a fa­cil­ity in Mon­tréal, that they might do it for me, but I live in On­tario and be­lieve I should re­ceive help or in­for­ma­tion from my own prov­ince.

Sum­mer is com­ing and I be­lieve I will not be the only per­son in SDG with this prob­lem. I know in Glen Robert­son, in Sum­mer the streets are full of cats, some home cats, but most feral stray cats.

It is a con­stant sound all Sum­mer with your win­dows open – to hear fight­ing and howl­ing – the male fight­ing for fe­male ter­ri­tory.

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