Khadr: Jus­tice must pre­vail

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The Edi­tor, I write of course in re­sponse to the Au­gust 23 let­ter ‘Khadr Case: Let’s stick to the facts.’

To that au­thor I say, “Sorry, not go­ing to hap­pen.”

A rather ham-handed at­tempt on his part to box me in and fight on his terms. This is Op/Ed not a court of law.

The slav­ish de­vo­tion to the fac­tual is what al­lows this sort of atroc­ity (the pay­off) to hap­pen.

A very long time ago a prom­i­nent Mon­treal lawyer in turn­ing down my case said, “Do not go look­ing to the law for jus­tice.”

Or, as Oliver Wen­dell Holmes said, “This is a court of law, not a court of jus­tice.”

In On­tario this year at least 46 al­leged crim­i­nals have been set free as their right to a speedy trial was deemed to have been vi­o­lated by some learned judge some­where.

Three mur­der cases, some sex­ual as­sault, others. All per­fectly le­gal but cer­tainly not just.

Omar Khadr was a ter­ror­ist, you could even ar­gue it was in his DNA. Suc­ces­sive CDN gov­ern­ments should have left him where he was. I am pos­i­tive his han­dling by the US au­thor­i­ties was all per­fectly le­gal.

Now that Mike Duffy has slith­ered back to the light of day it will be in­ter­est­ing to see our PM’s re­sponse. Will he save the tax­pay­ers’ money and cut the cheque?

Robin Pos­ton, Dalkeith

“Slav­ish de­vo­tion to the fac­tual al­lows this sort of atroc­ity to hap­pen.”

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