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The Ed­i­tor, While I am not in­ter­ested in en­gag­ing in a feud with Robin Pos­ton, I find my­self as con­fused by his stand as he seems to be re­gard­ing jus­tice and/or that which is le­gal.

In her Sept. 6 let­ter ((Khadr: Jus­tice must pre­vail), he ad­mits to not be­ing in­ter­ested in the facts. He goes on to say that the Op/Ed page in which his let­ter ap­peared, and to which I re­sponded, was not a court of law.

He is right but opin­ions based solely on feel­ings or prej­u­dices with­out facts have no place in se­ri­ous dis­course, nor should the Op/Ed page be a plat­form for arm­chair lynch mob jus­tice. In law and jus­tice, as in al­most ev­ery­thing by which we guide our lives, facts are all that should mat­ter, not Pos­ton's truth nor mine. For Pos­ton, it ap­pears “facts” are of less con­cern than the truthi­ness of his gut feel­ings.

He seeks jus­tice, but only as he de­fines it. He raises ex­am­ples of court cases thrown out be­cause judges have deemed the rights of the ac­cused to a speedy trial to have been vi­o­lated. He says that was “all per­fectly le­gal but cer­tainly not just.”

He does have a point. Such out­comes of­fer no jus­tice for the ac­cused or the pub­lic sug­gest­ing a sys­tem in dire need of mending. Yet, re­gard­ing Khadr, he ig­nores the is­sue of jus­tice as when he writes, “I am pos­i­tive his (Khadr’s) han­dling by US au­thor­i­ties was all per­fectly le­gal.”

The ev­i­dence doesn’t bear that out. As a teenage pris­oner Khadr was sub­jected to hu­man rights abuses by US au­thor­i­ties know­ingly break­ing the law. No mat­ter. Pos­ton’s con­cerns have less to do with ei­ther facts or jus­tice than with pun­ish­ment. He even turns to the ab­surd, stat­ing, “Omar Khadr was a ter­ror­ist, you could even ar­gue it was in his DNA.” Well, ev­i­dently Pos­ton can. Yet he doesn’t do so, how­ever. Say­ing some­thing is so doesn’t make it so; that’s the mag­i­cal think­ing of im­ma­tu­rity.

Frank Pe­laschuk, Alexan­dria

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